Why There is No Language Called Tamileelam or Yalpanam?

The above is a linguistic map of India. At the Southernmost part of the subcontinent is Tamil Nadu, the homeland of 62 million Tamils who speak one of the most

ancient languages of the world. Adjacent to Tamil Nadu in the map we see the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Those were areas the Tamils went to settle down thousands of years ago. The Dravidian races no longer speak Tamil. Their languages evolved into different languages over thousands of years. So, people in Kerala speak Malayalam. Likewise Karnataka speaks Kannada, Andhra Pradesh speaks

Telugu, Orissa speaks Oriya. That’s what happens to languages over the years. The relationship among these states cannot also be called very friendly today. There is constant tension between Tamil Nadu and some other Southern states over sharing of river waters like that of Krishna and Godawari.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Tamil United Liberation Front have claimed that they lived in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka for thousands of years. But strangely, they speak the same identical Tamil spoken in Tamil Nadu. Why did not their language evolve in to something like Tamileelam or Yalpanam? The LTTE or the TULF will never answer the question. But the answer is very simple. They do not speak a different language simply because they never lived there for thousands of years. Actually, the Tamils who claim thousands of year’s history in Jaffna were brought there by the Dutch to cultivate tobacco as indentured laborers. That’s how they speak a language identical to the Tamil spoken in Chennai (Madras).

The story about Tamils living there for thousands of years is a myth.

Then what happened to the Tamils who came to Sri Lanka during the course of thousands of years as invaders or otherwise. Some of them simply went back. The others became

Sinhalized. We can very well see that history in Tamil related surnames among many Sinhala families. The story about the Tamil Homeland is a recent myth created by scheming politicians of the caliber of Prabhakaran..

(Comment by Walter Jayawardhana)


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