Presidential Apprehensions Justifiable. Her Mandate Should Prevail.
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Seemingly punch drunk over speculative conclusions that he is on the right path to a solution to the Nation's woes through dissemination of personal convictions and distorted conceptions glaringly transparent in their likelihood of dividing the country permanently,the Prime Minister in his May Day Address has made a blatant assumption that the December 2001 Election Victory which 'swept' him into power was a mandate for him to negotiate with the LTTE but he could be rather premature in his conclusion considering the pattern of activity of the LTTE whose deliberations at every turn seem to point in the direction of secession. Ironically the Prime Minister has cited international backing to find a solution within a united Sri Lanka whereas all the while the dangerous possibility of the division of the Nation seems to be looming on the horizon with his dialogue of administrative divisions in the North and Northeast areas about which the President has expressed grave concerns very justifiably.
In his quest for a solution he has insisted upon the importance of Talks and International Opinion and so far the 'Talks' have amounted to meaningless rhetoric of no substance vis.a vis. the garbled Press Conference involving idealogue Anton Balasingham and International Opinion rather onesided and biased with the involvement of Norway whose 'esteemed' involvement in the Middle East crisis has caused nothing but further confusion, destruction of property and the needless loss of life which in truth has been an aberration of the expected end result and here we have the strange symbiosis between the Wickremasinghe Administration and Norway notwithstanding International conjecture about the futile involvement of Norway as though the Administration consists of a bunch of imbeciles reaching out for moral support from a puerile entity equally imbecilic as otherwise on reputation alone Norway should have long since arrived at an acceptable and workable solution which they have not! and for the sake of posterity should have been dumped long ago!
Sure Mr Wicks! your critics will undoubtedly arrive at a viable alternative to the problem and digress from the path you have chosen and it will surely re-assure the Sinhala Nation of its Integrity and Security if you only have the presence of mind together with your sychophantic associates even at this late stage to desist from acts of betrayal and collaborations with the notoriety of the LTTE and stop pontificating about the merits of your wisdom tantamount to a modern day Mahadenamuttha carrying on in gay abandon while the LTTE guffaw in the background that out of the ashes of the Sinhalese indomitability lost at the last election there has arisen a Phoenix blindly handing them Eelam on a platter!
In turn, the President who continues to exhalt the importance of National Unity and Integrity while emphasizing it being the foremost priority for the Nation at present,should excercise her authority and the mandate she is being presented with, through overwhelming Sinhala Nationalism , The High Buddhist Clergy and her Constitutional Powers towards maintaining a stable equiblirium conducive to a normalcy by its rightful definition devoid of mantras nor tantras and send the Present Administration packing when the time is up.
Sri Lanka need no transformations into the vestiges of Dravidian Antipathy which has far overshadowed its establishment over centuries and even been recorded lyrically in the Ramayana where the evils of a Ravana (reborn as Ranil?) not only purveyed his infamous machiavellian ambitions on an unsuspecting Nation through subterfuge where mercifully Sita in this instance sits at a higher dimension and needs no rescuing as her foresight appears to be focussed on the well being of the Nation and its preservation.
Translated into modern day interpretations relative to the state of affairs in Sri Lanka today, a perceptive Madame President should activate the mandatory powers vested in her through the Constitution, casting aside pseudo-scenarios of a well orchestrated charade by the UNF which conveys to the unsuspecting masses the mirage of a non existent Oasis whereas the unseen dangers lurking in the shadows the LTTE will only emerge should the tables turn against them and they seem to have no qualms about it appearing to be overly self- confident of their present strength and morale with or without a Peace Process or an M o U.
The only way out of this morass of insecurity for the Nation to reiterate once more undoubtedly lies in the Mandate of Presidential Authority which is the Ultimate Authority which must eventually override that of the Prime Minister in his quest for Fool's Gold! and in the best interests of the Sinhala Nation.


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