Bleak Future For Sri Lankan Cricket Can Be Avoided!

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Wherein lie the woes of the Sri Lankan cricketers and whither are they headed in the near future? Is it the lack of a captain incapable of going for the jugular like his famous predecessor or has the Lankan arsenal been depleted through the absence of spin whiz Muralitharan and mediocre captaincy which lacks killer instinct?

Having lost the Test Series in England through misfortune, bad judgement calls both by the Officials as well as Skip Jayasuriya when in the first test they were sitting pretty with England cricketers literally with their backs to the wall, they somehow seemed to have given up the will to fight in the two resounding losses in the remaining Tests, and continuing to go under in the Nat West Series involving India and England and its about time some serious soul searching has to be done!

What happened to the glitter and flash of the boys who lifted the World Cup and hoisted their ICC rankings to No.3 in the world? and does it have anything to do with the pathetic state of affairs at the highest level of the B.C.C.S.L.(Sri Lankan Cricket Board) as indications are that the high politics which goes on behind closed doors had a lot to do with the shuffling of players in and out of selection lists where favouritism and corruption appear to be rife according to confidential reports by sources which prefer to be anonymous for obvious reasons.

The jockeying for power between the past High Officials with clout in the then ruling Regime and its relative transposition involving interested parties backed by the current regime seems to be totally unrelated to the precepts of cricket and appear to be making a mockery of democratic principles which one would imagine also applies to the Cricket Board whose Board of Management in recent times has seen so many face changes involving credible dedicated individuals with a proven track record booted out and often pre - empted by boorish National Costumed Simpleton Vernacular types whose only claim to the high office they seek in the BCCSL (it is rumored, in quest of gold from a veritable gold mine) are the goondas who back them up armed with cudgels and a thugish mentality, and their connections to the Sports Ministry. Thus the morass which the BCCSL has been transformed into appears to be taking a toll on the players who seem to have lost their fighting spirit and the faith they once had in stoic administrators such as Mike Tissera, Bandula Waranapura and Roshan Mahanama amongst a host of others and have had to deal with the unknown champions of the Sports Minister and the unwelcome dabbling of the likes of Thilanga Sumathipala who seems to view the BCCSL as a vested interest.

In getting its act together prior to the forthcoming World Cup it may not be such a bad idea to promote the cause of former cricketing great Arjuna Ranatunga's keen interests to chair the BCCSL as here surely is a man who not only knows his cricket but is also a great leader and is proving his administrative capabilities in a very short space of time and although he is currently being prevented form running for office due to some incongruously lopsided legislation which needs to be overruled and probably trashed!! as the 'Goodfellows' need to make a hasty entry into the organisational fray of the Administrative Cricketing Arena to clean up the disaster that is the BCCSL!
Then and only then is the likelihood of a return to past glory be likely by the flamboyant glory boys of International cricket who once thrilled their audiences now silenced into speechless disbelief as the key ingredients to their performance at the highest level seem to lie in the strategies of their decision makers at administrative level with a lesser onus on coach Whatmore and batting specialist Richards affronted by the apathetic performances of late by the Lankans with a few exceptions.

If the Captaincy has to be changed, so be it as Sunny J may more than likely perform better than he does at present without the yoke of captaincy on his shoulders which seem to weigh him heavily despite his sparkling century at Headingley individually brilliant though none but academic and the dependence on Murali which seems to have no alternate compensation has to be diligently worked on. Thilan Samaraweera has not been given the opportunity to becoming the possible successor to Murali or even a back up considering recent performances both with bat and ball.
As things stand at present in a cricketing sense, the future seems to be rather bleak for Sri Lanka and one which could easily be transformed into a rosier one if the proper choices and decisions were made at Administrative Level and player confidences restored through astute leadership.


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