By Dhammika Dhammapala , Sri Lanka

The world's biggest consumer of hydrocarbon oil, America, is in a terrible position. American's own natural oil resources have been used up in their development and emergence as a superpower. Now the oil has gone and Superpower is vulnerable.

It is the game that dare not speak its name.

America now draws most of its oil from the Middle East - a series of "client states", or rather autocratic potentates who do America's bidding with scant regard to democracy or human rights when it comes to supporting local interests. In exchange for oil they get immense quantities of weapons, all of which need Western spares, maintenance, technicians and approval to operate!

Another major supplier of oil to America is Venezuela. Venezuela has vast deposits of oil, but is at present, governed by a left- wing president who is highly critical of American policies abroad. Recently after President Hugo Chavez came to power, there has been some unrest in the country, with the unions making demands on the President. The inevitable 'coup' occurred, of course, and an army man replaced Hugo Chavez. The Americans denied having any hand in this coup.

The resultant public outcry was enormous, with street protests and social turmoil. President Chavez was returned to the Presidency in two days! Condolezza Rice denied America's involvement but warned the Venezuelans not to incur the displeasure of the Americans by disrupting oil supplies. Dr. Rice happens to be the most competent of that Bush Administration, so this gives a clue as to the importance of the warning. The Administration was near to panic.

A rather odd coincidence occurred a few days later when a Supreme Court judgement announced a ban on the move to develop the Alaskan oil fields. They could not be developed (just yet), as the natural environment had to be preserved. This blocked the way out for the Administration and its perceived oil demand projections.

Not three days later, the American Ambassador in Sri Lanka announced the full support for the peace process in Sri Lanka.

All the above had occurred in a fairly quick succession of events.

The reader should know that there is an overall scheme in operation, one of those unspoken, unmentionable schemes which scheming Western diplomats and politicians have decided are in the interests of those with the greatest power and who intend holding on to it come hell and high water. The scheme is to get strategic, vital resources, such as oil, out of the hands of the Muslims and Buddhists and into the hands of the Christians.

The case of Catholic East Timor makes the point well. All the oil of the Indonesian islands was in the hands of the Muslims. But notice how, the very next day after they finally announced East Timor to be a new country in the U.N. family of nations, it was announced that Australia and the Timorese were to start exploring the sea bed as, it was revealed, there was an offshore East Timorese oil field! Note, by getting East Timorese independence they had switched the oil supplies from Muslim hands to Christian hands. This was gaining 'oil security'. Religion is the defining factor of who is ultimately friend or foe.

When the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka , Mr. Ranil visited the Bush administration, the double entendre was that 'Bush is behind him'. Of course this is the game! (Pushing to get the oil deposits of Pesalai, Mannar, and other mineral deposit goodies out of Buddhist hands and in to the hands of the Christians!)


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