Hakeem re-exposes his political infancy.


Tamil political leadership's anti Muslim activities since the days of State Council era is well-known even to a student with elementary political knowledge. The root cause for these activities was stern and resolute stand taken by all patriotic national minded Muslim politicians in the main political parties against the divisive manoeuvres of chauvinistic Tamil political leadership. Despite this historical fact certain Muslim individuals such as late Mr. Ashroff attempted to collaborate with the Tamil politicians but was forced to abandon them due to their anti-national separatist objectives.

From the emergence of Tamil terrorism in this land which was the most serene and hospitable terrain in Asia, destruction caused to Muslim life and property by the Tamil terrorists even surpass the Jewish atrocities caused to Muslims in Palestine if compared on a population ratio. Despite LTTE's naked animosity towards Muslims, the self-proclaimed Muslim leader Mr. Rauf Hakeem, who would not hesitate to betray the community for personal gains, visited the terrorist leader and boasted to have obtained an assurance on the safety of Muslims. The result was the murder of 12 innocent Muslims and colossal destruction of millions worth Muslim property.

Without blaming the puppet government, of which he himself is a Minister, for its failure to safeguard the Muslims, Mr. Hakeem has lately developed a frenzy of talking nonsense on the safety of Muslims. When his clamorous demand for amending the MOU was rejected outright he had no guts to press for his demand as his position was sacred for him than the interests of the community. Recently addressing a religious function he has spoken of internationalising the issue, which has been followed by a statement saying that Pakistani President General Musharraf has promised to ensure a fair deal for Sri Lanka's Muslims in the political solution to the ethnic conflict. Without making stupid gallery talks Mr. Hakeem and other so-called Muslim leaders in the government, have to press their claim on Wickremasinghe/Marapana/ Moragoda/Peiris gang and not on others.

In the meantime it is appreciable that Mrs. Farial Ashraff, although a political novice with a track record of only little more than one year's political experience, had been successful in mustering the support of the opposition political parties and submit a no confidence motion against the Defence Minister Mr. Marapone over the government's failure to protect the Muslims in the East against LTTE atrocities. If Mr. Hakeem is really concerned about the Muslims and his political games are not for personal gains, the best cause for him is to prove his genuine concern by voting for this motion together with other SLMC parliamentarians. Let us see whether Mr. Hakeem's SLMC is the party it claims for or it is another gang of traitors standing for personal gains by bartering the interests of the community.


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