Prof. Hudson McLean

The High Court decision to pass judgment on Velupillai Prabhakaran, sentencing him to 200 years of RI, should be the turning point in negotiations, between a democratically elected government of a Sovereign State and a bunch of ruthless terrorists, whose leader has been found guilty of slaughter of poor innocent men, women and infants, in cold blood.

Like after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, Kuwait sent a massive invoice to Iraq for war reparations, a similar invoice should be addressed to LTTE/TTT and their world wide supporters who funded the destruction of Sri Lankan lives and property.

All those Tamil expatriates who contributed to fund the atrocities of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT), from the safety, security and comfort in their adopted lands, should now be branded with the same iron. They are equally guilty by default.

RanilW should now bare his chest and come clean, to announce that the LTTE/TTT is given a full and final opportunity to fall into line within the Law of the Land, with immediate effect. This is non-negotiable.

The Tamil population will be given an opportunity, like every other citizen of Sri Lanka, to choose whomever they please, to represent their interests within the Law of the Land, in the Parliament. No more discussions on regional partitioning on grounds of race, religion or language.

Sri Lanka has always been a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, multi-lingual, multi-national country with an excellent record of tolerance and equality. We agree and accept that, for some degree of time, the Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka received less than their equal or deserving share. That is history. Parties have learnt a lesson and hopefully history will not repeat itself.

We hope that the Prime Minister RanilW will now declare the following that-;

**The Sri Lankan judiciary will apply the same Law to all citizens of the Island equally and the LTTE/TTT shall now disband their terrorist forces forthwith.

**The so called “Eelam Police” will be immediately outlawed.

**All military personnel of LTTE in or out of uniform will be disbanded immediately.

**The “Eelam Banks, Post Offices will close their public facades immediately and cease its illegal operations.

**All military exercises by the LTTE/TTT either on Sri Lankan soil or within her territorial waters, must cease forthwith. The President, in coordination with the Ministry of Defence, will take appropriate offensive actions to enforce the Law of the Land against such illegal actions.

**Any person or organisation, collecting or attempting to collect taxes or any other levies, will be in Breach of the Law, since collection of all Taxes and Levies is the prerogative of the Government of Sri Lanka

**There will be no more restricted areas under the control of the terrorists within Sri Lanka and the SLDF and the Police will apply the Rule of the Law.

As Professor G. L. Peiris stated quite correctly that, the announcement of the criminal conviction of Velupillai Prabhakaran should not stand in the way of Peace in Sri Lanka. Quite frankly, it is incomprehensible why the government of Sri Lanka is seated with the representatives of Prabhakaran, when as the leader of LTTE, he himself has been found guilty of murder.

All the representatives of LTTE/TTT “peace” delegation have been involved in Criminal Acts Against Humanity, as well as those terrorists who have perpetrated criminal acts, should be arrested upon entry to Sri Lanka, and brought to justice immediately.

This is history repeating itself during a short space of time. The Milosovic drama will be replayed once again, led by an evil sub human with no conscience, with the character of Dracula, by the leader of LTTE/TTT.

According to our sources of information, it is likely, the moment Velupillai Prabhakaran is taken in, either by the Indian government or in the unlikely event the Sri Lankan Forces flush the “killer” out, or consumes his vial of cyanide, the rest of the Tigers will run like rats in a sinking ship.

As said many a time before, terrorists are the greatest living cowards. They loath pain and are afraid to face death. All those terrorists who have committed acts of suicide explosions, have done so under doses of narcotics or hypnosis or under threat or on promises of gifts from heaven.

RanilW has one of the greatest God-sent opportunities to win the next General election. He must now act immediately to apply the rule of the law. A similar opportunity avails the President. The one who decides first to order the Police and/or the SLDF to arrest the convicted killers, will have a massive support from the Sri Lankan electorate as well as the foreign governments.

And the Sri Lankan delegation led by Prof. G.L. Pieris should be in no hurry to reach any hasty conclusions. Whilst the negotiations are in progress, the Sri Lankan authorities can begin to clean up Wanniya of the dirty slimy terrorists as well as the land mines.

The President should now sit back, “take the high road”, and let RanilW get on with the job he started. Interfering with RanilW will be counter productive, as long as he maintains his actions, within the Law of Sri Lanka.

Your move next, Doctor Anton Balasingham!





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