Prof. Hudson McLean

The fear of being kicked out into oblivion by its own hard liners has prompted demands by the “LTTE/TTT Leadership in Hiding” to seek the self appointed high road as the Sole Permanent Representatives of the Tamil People.

This is a major demand from a handful of persons to represent a group of between three and upto seventy million people worldwide.

Has any other political or rebel or terrorist group, whether it be Tamil or any other ethnic group, made such a demand in the recent past?

Did, at any time, the likes of Hitler, Milosovic, Idi Amin who ruled the roost in their respective countries, claimed to represent the entire population or even an ethnic group within their respective countries?

Has any other Sinhala or Indian leader claimed to represent the entire Sinhala or Indian population, without a democratic mandate?

If the leaders of LTTE/TTT enjoy the popular confidence of the Tamil subjects in Sri Lanka and/or Tamil Nadu, they may face the electorate and leave the decision to the voters, like all democratically elected leaders.

The terrorist leaders of the LTTE/TTT have realised that their time is up. They are a spent force. Their usefulness as leaders on a political platform is highly questionable and are living on borrowed time.

The average Sri Lankan Tamil knows that the days of terror have long gone and their future lies in a new generation of young, civilised negotiators, if Sri Lankan Tamils are to play a role in international politics.

The LTTE/TTT leader in hiding, the WANTED Convicted Criminal, will never be allowed any prominence on any stage of any consequence. Period. Velupillai Prabhakaran will be forced to play Tarzan for the rest of his short life, until he is captured, either by Sri Lankan authorities or the Indian commandos or assasinated by one of his own.

It is also possible that one of his own disciples may give him the “Kiss of Death”, either for “Thirty Pieces of Silver” or simply to get rid of a vast liability and turn a “new” leaf. There is a huge pile of cyanide pills in various deposits in Wanniya and a handful might slip into a well spiced Masala Dosai.

A carefully devised plan to serve a deliciously spiced Tamil feast, marinated with a handful of cyanide capsules, where the top leadership of LTTE/TTT, including a bunch of smiling Viking warriors, partake in the “Final Supper” would be a great goodbye, to the entire civilised world.

Then there are the few lieutenants who have been the “Bag Men”, who have taken care of the millions of dollars of funding, in various countries. Now that they have realised that the days of the bonanza are numbered, and their role in the money game is soon coming to an end, the temptation to dip one’s hand into the till, is beyond the limits of Tamil patriotism. Or indeed Sinhala or Nazi. Human greed has no boundries.

This could present the framework for a new epic, an Agatha Christie type murder-mystery novel, “Paradise Lost and Regained” (Sorry, Milton, ole fruit!). One of the main players could be Thamilchelvam who escapes in a fast gunboat and disappears into a waiting seaplane with a waterproof money belt with all the numbers of the secret bank accounts, and the details of banks are housed in an airtight oil cloth plastic envelope, inside a cavity of his Egyptian made walking stick. (By the way, I purchased one in Cairo, which houses a magnificient stainless steel blade, housed inside the hollow barrel).

Such acts of misappropriation were punished with absolute severity on the command of Prabhakaran, during the good ole days. Several LTTE/TTT henchmen in the UK were executed for misappropriation and another was castrated with a strong electric light placed beneath his testacles. But now with his magic wand curling like a piece of dried and weathered cheddar, the rats are beginning to chew into the pile of cheddar, with less fear. And then, the dead men cannot command.

According to one of our sources of information, several LTTE/TTT boys based in Paris and London have questioned the purpose of sitting on a pile of loot which might suddenly disappear under various pretences, into very private domains of a few selected leaders.

With the current “Peace Process” and financial aid about to flood the parched Wasteland in the NE of Sri Lanka, many of the Terrorists now turned Respectable Negotiators such as Thamilchelvam and Karuna, will carve their share of the booty. But a question remains, if in the future, all or some of them will be called to answer to, alleged Crimes Against Humanity.

Since the LTTE/TTT are known to hoard a sizeable cache of foreign currency and disposable assets, according to reliable sources, exceeding several hundred million dollars, a victim or victims of LTTE/TTT crimes may start class action legal suits and claim punitive damages from both the individuals as well as the organization(s).

The first legal action may be directed at Velupillai Prabhakaran who is already being convicted of the acts of terrorism. The descendants of those victims must now explore all aspects of possible claims against the LTTE/TTT and its leadership. The legalities must be started before the frozen assets of LTTE/TTT are released by the respective governments.

Attired in off-the-peg woollen suits, driven in bullet proof Mercedes Benzes with tinted windows, the Negotiators will get their share of the kick backs in hundreds of different ways. In order to stabilise the respectability, Erik Solheim and his minions will “window dress” the “Jungle Jims” and educate them in the finer art of Etiquette and Modern Manners by Debrett. Those who wish to enlighten themselves may acquire this fine bible from any decent bookstore in London for a few quid. Well worth the investment.

Hopefully, aides to Solheim may discreetly advice the Tamil Tarzans on the art of “mix and match” colours, lest one might look a “Milinda Moragoda rainbow”. Must say that the Norwegians are not the best dressers in the Nordic region, however they certainly can contribute to increase the sartorial elegance of a veteran terrorist used to fatigues. And do not forget the under arm deodorant and a decent tooth brush. According to WHO, there are no dentists in the Tamil NE.

As most people know, the political power game can accommodate not only an entire string quartet but a full blown orchestra. A skilful politician can find a job for a dead granny. But most of the middle ranking terrorists in the LTTE/TTT cannot be brought out into the open for many reasons.

Now this is where the rot is already beginning to show. Many of those skilful infant killers and baby head smashers are not trained in the gentle Art of Selling. They have never heard of such literal works of arts such as “How To Win Friends and Influence People”! With their subconscious still fermenting with anger and hatred of the Sinhala, it would be suicidal to try and integrate these killers within a legitimate Police Force, Civil Service or within the Armed Forces.

These highly trained killers would certainly be bored to tears farming chilies or flinging fishing nets off the Indian Ocean. They will remain a force without any leadership, more like headless chicken. A dangerous scenario. Many of them will grab whatever they can from the LTTE/TTT pot and flee to South India and disappear into the Tamil Nadu populace, in the face of LTTE/TTT capitulation. This is certainly not the best news for the Indian leadership. Hopefully, RanilW will not try and stop these killers, his Fifth Column, from leaving the shores of Sri Lanka, but offer them a packed lunch and a bottle of toddy.

Whatever Balasingham and Prabhakaran might say in public, has to be looked at from every conceivable angle. Since they both tend to change their music as well as the lyrics in between the Dosai and the Vadai. Keeping tabs on their muddled grey cells is a full time job for a panel of psychoanalysts.

The glory days of the LTTE/TTT are fizzling out, like a large opened PET bottle of Coke, under the Jaffna sun. Even the simple Tamil peasant in Jaffna and the NE is fully aware that their only future and salvation lies outside the tentacles of the LTTE/TTT.

The only way the LTTE/TTT may hang onto their bits of loose threads is by declaring themselves as the “Sole and Legitimate Representatives of Tamil People”, by imposing sheer fear, as the former Indian Law-Minister Dr. Subramanian Swamy correctly said-;
“To recognise the LTTE as the sole representative of SL Tamils is an absurdity” - Swamy.

The Tamils world over should give some serious thought to the demanded role of LTTE, by the LTTE, for the LTTE.

*1-Do all the Tamils consider the LTTE to be their sole legal representative? - YES/NO

*2- Do the Tamils wish to have an association with an organization linked to Al Qaeda, Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Weapons Smuggling, Money Laundering and other criminal violations etc? - YES/NO

*3- Do the Tamils wish to be led by a legally WANTED convicted criminal?- YES/NO

*4-Do the Tamils wish to be branded like the Muslims, in USA, EU, Australia, Canada, as associates of terrorism?- YES/NO

*5-Do the Tamils wish to enter main stream politics and be recognized as a group of civilised human beings? - YES/NO

*6-Do the Tamils wish to be reminded in perpetuity about the criminal acts commited by an organization which they belong to, which they had no control in the past? - YES/NO

*7-Do the Tamils wish to select and appoint their own political representatives who are answerable to them on all matters? - YES/NO

*8-As the Germans wish to keep away from any association with the Nazi / SS / Black Shirted Storm Troopers due to their bloody inhumane history, would the Tamils consider that having LTTE/TTT as their representative would be more of a liability than an asset? - YES/NO

*9-Do the Tamils wish to be known as a bunch of subservient cattle led by one dominant cowboy? - YES/NO

*10- Do the Tamils wish to integrate into the main stream society wherever they live and engage in peaceful co-habitation within the society? YES/NO

Therefore, the leading question, Do Tamils Need LTTE/TTT, is very relevant.


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