Rather Than Belicose It May More Appropriately Be Belly Up For The LTTE!

SinghaPuthra - The Seeing Eye Of Serendib For LankaWeb

Finally a semblance of sense and logical reasoning has come out of the new Administration where Defence Minister Marapone has vowed to eliminate the LTTE from existence. It is 'Hobson's Choice' as the saying goes,considering the Huge International demand for it as well as the only norm available as a result of the LTTE's open arrogance in their continued Modus Operandi in arming themselves, fortifying their ranks and continuing their bogus dialogue about peace synonymously, in their vain attempt to make a mockery of the Sinhala Nation and its Top brass. Aspirations for chinks in the Armor of National Defences to enlarge, this time around are 'Moon Shots' for the LTTE considering the astute resolve displayed by Defence Minister Marapone ably backed by the International Alliance Against Terrorism which will eventually send the LTTE Belly UP ! despite their defiant cries of "Belicose".

Somehow there is a puny minded attitude on the part of the LTTE who continue to delude themselves that they could bait the Sinhala Nation into eventual subjugation, all things considered, especially with the catalystic assistance from pro LTTE sympathisers such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena and the telescopic assurances in reverse by the Hon. Prime Minister who believes in his capacity to override Presidential Decree until his time runs out!

J.N.Dixit in his "Assignment Colombo" quoting Mr. S.L. Gunasekera, President of theSinhala Jathika Sangamaya's (S.J.S.) recent bulletin to LankaWeb says "I must add in parenthesis that the LTTE led by Prabhakaran is not likelty to give up the demands for Eelam, whatever the interim tactical negotiating postures are, adopted by the LTTE to cope with the pressures under which they are operating" end quote and a believable LTTE Credo , which sums up definitively the futility of posturing realistically for any peace, and consequently endorsed by the Defence Minister in his courageous statement.

It would be prudent for National Security to endorse and accept also, in all wisdom, the rationale exhibited by Mr.S.L.Gunasekera of the Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya in an almost prophetic manner that the previous projections of UNP Policy and decalarations of intent towards the LTTE so vividly displayed through the national media and probably misrepresented through garbled presentation were suicidal and bi-partisan. Projections which made pellucid promises to negotiate with the destructive and dangerous elements of the LTTE all the while downplaying their role as harbingers of devastation and promising to vest them in political power which the recent statements by the Defence Minister appear to contradict directly and taken with a sigh of releif by a tense Nation waiting long for a repreive from the attrocities of the LTTE still going on despite a pseudo Ceasefire as displayed by their arms build up currently taking place under cover of the Ceasefire.

There can be no parleying for an unattainable peace in the face of what seems inevitable disaster should avenues be opened for the LTTE to penetrate secured areas and a relaxation of the stranglehold the Military presently has on them, as contrary to the definition of suicide as interpreted by the analysts, it could be augmented into Genocide considering the vastness of the arms build up reported in the latest LTTE Sea Tiger Operation and there can be no room for speculative peace with ruthless terrorists who in accordance with the Defence Minister's aspirations hopefully as one of the Nation's foremost priorities, Will Be Eliminated.


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