Foreign Minister Has Field Day At Summit In The Absence Of The President.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

It appears to have been an error of judgement on the part of Madam President to have by-passed the Commonwealth Summit after all! as the sole representative of Sri Lanka at the Summit, Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando has once again displayed his indiscretions through an incredible indulgence of 'gawking ' to the Media and Foreign Dignitaries in the absence of the President in attempting to convey to the World that all's well with the Peace Initiative and Ceasefire in Sri Lanka and that the President has over reacted in her objections towards the contents of the Peace Process and Ceasefire which is a rank misrepresentation of the truth. A mouse at play in the absence of the cat???

As agitation and insecurity mounts amongst a vast proportion of the Sinhala Nation he seems to have indulged in a blatant display of indiscretion in making the assumed declaration to the gathering at the Summit and the Foreign Media that the the President's opposition to the Norway Brokered Peace Process and Ceasefire was intended to curry favour with the radical Opposition Parties within Sri Lanka who are against open ended and overly liberal concessions being granted to the LTTE in view of their staus quo as terrorists The Opposition Parties have even raised the question of the Constitutional legality of the Accords and as usual Mr. Fernando has used the freedom of expression to convey his rather flimsy and ambiguous views directed at misleading the World in defiance of the President and needs a bit of muffling.

It has to be pointed out to all discerning Citizens of the Free World that indeed there are dubious and very negative aspects projected in the contents of the Peace Initiative and Ceasefire which are detrimental to the Security of the Sinhala Nation and suggests compromise of the Nation's Sovereignity and Integrity and at no time has the President objected towards achieving Real Peace within the Nation and not a Pseudo Representation of Peace, as all she has indicated is the total irregularity never before witnessed in Sri Lanka, of a Foreign Nation , Norway dictating the main issues of settlement ( It has been reported the the Prime Minster is experiencing a sudden loss of speech and amnesia!) and the demarcation of Terrritory with no mention of weapons' de-commissioning nor the denouncement of the LTTE objective towards secession .

She has unequivocally expressed her views based upon her moral awareness of the needs of the people as their Chief Representative, to preserve their Constitutional Rights and has cautioned the Present Administration about the gist of the documentation prior to ratification and that she disagrees in principle that the concessions mentioned in the accords are far too lenient, circumvent the Constitution and could in all likelihood provide platforms for the LTTE which could compromise many areas of Public Security and the Rights of the Sinhalese People. Even Mr. Fernando should have no difficulty in infering the President's intentions even though he has chosen to turn a blind eye to the Real Needs Of The Nation as being a priority against a terrorist entity , in throwing brickbats at her with his 'off the cuff ' remarks!

The Foreign Minister together with the UNF appears to be harping on the theme of unconditional concessions to a group of outlawed terrorists who are capable of attrocities beyond the norms of definition , who have changed their modus operandi in switching to an almost unbeleivable mood of moderate resignation and false complacency in almost theatrical fashion towards what is seen by many as their only chance to avoid incarceration for Crimes Against Humanity and the Foreign Minister's rather uncalled for comments at a gathering of World Leaders only contributes towards doubts about his capacity towards understanding definitions relative to Sovereignity and Public Security.



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