Terrorists continue to provoke racism.


The Daily News Bulletin of the tiger terrorists which is published in Tamil in the Eelam website under the racist and extremist slogan " The thirst of the Tigers is the Homeland of Tamil Eelam" is making a continuous and relentless attempt to discredit the Sri Lankan forces, and arouse hatred. While the English medium websites of the terrorists, due to compulsion and probably to deceive English readers adhere to use the official terminology such as Sri Lanka Army, SL-Navy, STF, etc., the aforementioned Tamil bulletin has made it its golden rule to refer to the Sri Lankan forces with a racist connotation as Sinhala Army, Sinhala Task Force, Sinhala Navy etc. The daily news bulletins propagates a horrendous hate culture towards Sri Lankan forces by depicting our valiant soldiers as anti Tamil brutal illegal foreign occupants determined and committed to destroy Tamils and the Tamil culture.

In its latest bulletin dated 2nd June it says that the Sinhala Army, without anyone to question, has uprooted several thousand of Palmyrah trees to strengthen its bunkers in the new bases being built throughout the Jaffna peninsula. It alleges that in Mannar and Talaimanner areas the Sinhala Army has uprooted more than fifty thousand Palmyrah trees during the last two months in order to strengthen its bases and bunkers. It further alleges that in the districts of Jaffna, Mannar and Mullaitivu the Sinhala army has so far uprooted more than five hundred thousand Palmyrah trees and it has affected the life of more than five hundred thousand people who are dependent on Palmyrah related vocations.

Referring to the fishing industry it says that eventhough the government announced the removal of restrictions on fishing the Sinhala Army continues to threaten the fishermen and impose various restrictions on them and confiscation of their catch by the Sinhala Army continues unhindered.

The news bulletin also castigates the Sinhala forces for not vacating their bases in accordance with the so-called MOU and repudiates the Sinhala Task Force (STF) for what it calls threatening the Tamil villagers in the East to have a coffin ready for each household.

It has also criticised the European Union for making attempts to return the Tamil refugees and declares that Sri Lanka is not a safe place for the Tamils to return.


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