Agitation Within The Cabinet Can Be Likened To A Bunch Of Hounds Barking At The Harvest Moon!

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Likened to the braying of a bunch of claustrophobic donkeys unsure of themselves the unmitigated call for impeachment of the President has re-commenced from the UNF Camp as they probably see doomsday closing in on them.The motley band of cabinet ministers in their crisis meeting which has pompously foghorned an intention to quit co-habitation with the President is not unfamiliar and the rhetoric which has emerged from it seems amazingly coined to their own insecurities knowing fully well that they are on a collision course with disaster as far as the Peace Process is concerned. The derision and animosity probably lies in the fact that the President has called for a full disarmamanet of LTTE weaponry and objectives against which the UNF seem to have taken affront to as somehow in their distorted concept of the Peace Process these cabinet ministers seem to be asying that "Shhhhh!" the LTTE must not be ursurped or agitated as they may recoil and instead probably believe thet their rear ends must be paid homage to!
References to attacks on these individuals by the President as alleged and which has spurred on the call to impeach can be conversely reported as the President's response to the vicious attacks perpetrated on her by the brigade of messers,Seneviratne,Karunanayake,Lokubandara, Karunasena, Kodituwakku and co. amongst others together with the blinkered Ranil Wickremasinghe who appears to be so smug in being carried away with what he seems to think is a foolproof and unassailable return to a lasting peace minus the core issues! at the expense of National Security, a breach of the Constitution and total disrespect for the chief Executive officer of the Nation so is this a democratic representation of the Sinhala Nation in Parliament or a bunch of bucket carrying sychophants to a Dravidian invasion!! by the Balasingham Thamilchelvam Prabhakaran brigade?

References to allegations of Presidential name calling against the Prime Minister even if entered on a Prima Facie basis cannot hold any ground as the record has it that the first stones of insults and accusations were indeed cast by the former PA turncoats at the outset of their tenure in Parliament and has been ongoing ever since with rank disregard to decorum and civility and if these ministers are agitated about it fearing for their political future it must remain an indelible reality of their own misfortunes not the excesses of the President as is being depicted.

Suddenly there seems to be a near laughable confidence by Rajitha Senaratne and company that they have the two third majority in parliament towards a Presidential impeachment so why not not put his money where his mouth is and go ahead with his impervious bragging to assert his confidences and the mood of the Nation if such be the case! There have been no viable indications that the UNF indeed have any two third majority and neither are there indications of their obtaining it even through scratching and scraping of the bin as the forces loyal to the President are fortuitous dedicated and strong. Sad will be the day even inadfvertently that her matriarchal disposition towards the Sinhala Nation be removed by the blackguards who plot her demise as they would surely bring about the demise of the Sinhala Nation also.

Thus far the bilge and poppy cock emanating from the mouths of these near brigands of the current regime of the Sinhala Nation have never lent credence towards assertions of the unitarity of Sri Lanka and to the contrary have pressed further towards providing a platform for the LTTE to operate from.There have been veiled threats against the Presidency about her life and her very existence which she in hindsight has prepared to take action against.There can be be no compomising of the President's security regardless of petty enmities created by those who disagree with her policies and visionary intentions for the Future of Sri Lanka.

That the term co- habitation has been grossly misconstrued by some of the dimwits of the UNF is fast becoming obvious as the term has but a single inference if the S.B Dissanayake Susanthika Jayasinghe scenario was to be cited and must be said in lighter vein that the UNF PA marriage certainly does not appear to have been made in heaven.

There are shameless innuendoes and slander presently being hurled at the President purely to substantiate the errors of some UNF Cabinet Members to which it is the constitutional right of the President to stand up to and the sooner this is done the better it would be for posterity and the future of the Nation.There is also the whitewashing of his past by the controversial Prof, G.L. Peiris to consider who has now been transformed into an angel of mercy on a mission with the devil!

There is a surreal eventuality that can be expected from the latest outcry of these cabinet hounddogs barking at a Harvest Moon the harvest being whats in it for them after the Nation is divided if the current direction of the administrative bandwagon continues. Surely a clashing of the internal powers that be which may portray Presidential Might at its supreme best and a slinking of the hound dogs into the shadows tail between legs!






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