A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I like to thank you for maintaining such an informative site to educate fellow Sri Lankans on the impending disaster. Especially my thanks goes to Professor Hudson McLean for keeping the sprits of Sri Lankans up.

Even though we have tried to capture the TTT leader for the past twenty five years with a force of nearly 140,000 brave Sri Lankans, nearly 40000 even more courageous sons who have decided to leave the battlefront to take the fight elsewhere and with our Northern Lions working at various levels including publishing a warning in the Global Spy Networks “Spy News”, have to admit we have failed.

The nations Judiciary system has come to the aid of Brave Sri Lankan sons, by passing 200-year jail term, this action will be making the TTT leader quake in his boots. Adding to this with Uncle Mac’s writings , Nizam Matara’s strategic thinking and Rt. Hon Ashley Wills warning about the secret plans with another Nuclear Power India to jointly check TTT, would definitely finish the job of wiping out the TTT/LTTE.

I am waiting with abated breadth for auspicious day to dawn. On second thoughts the news of US Deputy Sectary of State Richard Armitrage going to the pledging conference might be cunning plan to finish off Dr Death in Oslo.

I hope to see more articles published by Professor Hudson McLean and Nizam Matara in your esteemed Global Information Portal, so me and my brethren can enjoy enriching our thoughts

I hope you being brave a Sri Lankan son will decide to publish this letter.

Long live Lanka as a unitary state

Thank you,






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