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Pleading for a pardon, is an admission of guilt, by default.

Sequel to High Court conviction of Prabhakaran
LTTE seeks war crimes amnesty
Anthony David reporting from Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Lanka Web 03.11.2002

LTTE Political Secretary S. P. Thamilchelvan reacting to the sentencing of Mr. Prabhakaran said that war crimes committed during the past should be pardoned as they were committed during a different situation.

Once again, the LTTE got it wrong.

Self started acts of terrorism against a Sovereign State and its citizens cannot be declared as a traditional WAR. According to international law, a War must be declared by one party against another, and accepted by the other. In this case, Sri Lankan government was trying to defend the country and its people from acts of terrorism, based on an irrelevant issue, which should have been subjected to discussion and mediation. Therefore the question of amnesty is irrelevant.

Secondly, Sri Lankan judiciary is totally independent of the Government, as RanilW or CBK would confirm, contrary to the “philosophies” of the illegal “Kangaroo Courts” of LTTE/TTT. Both the President and the Prime Minister would confirm that neither party had any influence on the High Court decisions.

Third, it is common in many countries to award a judgment against each and every single charge, and let the sentence run concurrently. Although the total length of the sentence runs into 200 years, the maximum jail sentence will be some 20 years. And Velupillai Prabhakaran (VP) may expect to serve approximately a maximum of two thirds of the 20 years, and with good behaviour, be released in time to enjoy his retirement.

This is of course if, VP is either arrested and taken in or gives himself up voluntarily or otherwise. There is no Amnesty or Pardon given to a Convict on the Run, who refuses to accept the Law of the Land. Of course, under certain conditions, a convict may seek a Presidential Pardon, under which, one of the conditions attached may be that the individual sought the guarantee of a country which might award the right of Exile on a Refugee Status.

There is always Norway. Or one might consider an option to change the religion to Islam (subject to minor surgery) and seek refuge and exile in Saudi Arabia, like Idi Amin or ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. However, I would certainly recommend Norway, where the convicted killer can stay close to his dear Dosai friend, Erik Solheim.

Actually, had the Sri Lankan High Court had awarded him the Death Penalty, it would have been easier for Norway to plead for a lenier sentence commuting the Death Penalty to a Life Sentence and seek further accommodation to offer facilities to remove him for Exile in Norway.

But first, VP must be in Sri Lankan Police custody.

Well, Mr. Thamilchelvam, we are all shocked that Velupillai Prabhakaran got off very lightly indeed, since we all expected him to receive the Death Penalty, commuted to a Life Sentence for Life.

The LTTE/TTT “negotiators” must realise that before they can sit on their high horse, and place demands on a democratically elected government of a Sovereign State, the LTTE/TTT must respect and work within the Sri Lankan legislature. The terrorists must start by dismantling all their illegal infrastructure within the territory of Sri Lanka.

The LTTE/TTT have not shed their double faced character. Whilst the “peace” negotiations are in progress in Thailand, their cadres are transporting the Claymore mines. Once a Terrorist, always a Terrorist!

------------Similarly the Sri Lankan government has also committed acts of violence and that all can be characterised as war crimes. So now both the parties have forgotten the past and are engaged in a constructive peace process," Mr. Balasingham said.

Anton Balasingham should either read the basics of the International Law or get his legal eagle to attend to such questions, without making a mockery of the Spirit of the Discussions.

Whatever Sri Lankan government did, was in self defence and to counter acts of terrorism. And to assume a self-appointed responsibility on the part of Balasingham to act on behalf of the State of Sri Lanka by saying, “----both the parties have forgotten the past---”, is absolutely ridiculous, to quote his own words. These are words of desperation.

LTTE chief negotiator, Dr. Anton Balasingham said in Thailand - just hours before the second round of peace talks with the government commenced - that the Sinhala people need not worry that the LTTE is going to divide the country or that they are separatists or secessionists. - The Sunday Leader - 3rd November 2002, Volume 9, Issue 16

Hopefully, this is does not imply that the LTTE has now decided not to seek division but to claim the Title to the entire Island.

Like the elaborate response delivered by our Concerned Expatriate-;
200 Years Prison Sentence? .. What a joke! Now please pull my other leg; it has bells attached to it.
By Concerned Expatriate - Lanka Web 03.11.2002

We have responded to the 200 Years Prison Sentence. It is the sum of the total number of sentences handed down against each charge, but not for one single charge. And they are expected to run concurrently.

Yes. You might consider it as a joke since no LTTE/TTT sympathiser or supporter would treat it otherwise. But wait until the sh-t hits the fan!

Regarding your “----Now please pull my other leg;---”, I presume, you have the privilege of having both legs, unlike many of the poor Sri Lankan villagers who lost one or both, caused by the Land Mines, I believe they are Claymore, the ones that were being found, transported by the LTTE/TTT cadres, just a day or two, and, as you claim, “----it has bells attached to it” and the other one?

It is refreshing to have some comment and input from the Voice of Tigers in Lanka Web, otherwise the entire publication looks like supporting the philosophy of an undivided Island of Sri Lanka.

And Thank You for bringing to the attention of, “But for the sake of weak-minded professors and blind followers some light should be shed on this issue; at least to give rise to some other possibilities.

You are absolutely correct on this matter, Sir. The Sri Lankan government should have sent at least one or two hard liners to counter the “Weak-minded Professor” leading the delegation. This would have given the Tiger Team something to chew, without agreeing to relish on every juicy steak that was thrown.

Now that the Terrorist in Chief is a WANTED Convicted Criminal, hundreds of “other possibilities” would rise, very likely in favour of the peace loving Sri Lankan citizens.

Why will these sentences and arrest warrants not have any effect? Because VP will continue to be in hiding and carryout his business as usual, and the world opinion on the LTTE and its leader will remain unchanged.

Agreed in toto. VP will continue to be in hiding! Looking over his shoulders, even at his closest advisors. He has done this for over twenty years and is very good at it. And he probably can do it for another twenty years. Practice makes it Perfect!

Will now the Norwegian officials continue to pay homage to a WANTED Convicted Criminal hiding behind a tree?

Will the Norwegian electorate which elected the current Government in Norway wish to see their own servants and representatives, creeping into a jungle hideout, led by their Dosai Fan Erik Solheim, to seek advice from a WANTED Convicted Criminal?

Is there anything called “Self Respect” in Norwegian language?

Stoop Low to Conquer? Not anymore, we hope.

Hopefully, other Creeps will now think twice before going on their hands and knees to pay homage to a WANTED Convicted Criminal.

And, in the nearest future, let the LTTE/TTT find their own mode of transport to reach any destination, domestic or international, and meet the costs themselves. The SLG should stop wasting the poor tax payers funds to subsidise those who have wrecked the Island.

Unlike the Concerned Expatriate, who continuously plays a tune in harmony with the notes of the Voice of Tigers, Uncle Mac may change some of the tunes due to requests from the readers. We are flexible and keep our ears to the ground and tend to express an overall opinion, based on hundreds of letters we receive.

I have a question for uncle Mac: If SLDF has capability and will to carry out a ìPutin Style Sweepî, whatís stopping them? Are they waiting for axe to fall and chop the country? Foolish thoughts give rise to foolish statements.

My answer to that question is that, the SLDF has the capability to carry out a “Putin Style Sweep” or doing “A George W Bush Like Afghanistan Clean up”, if the government simply gives the SLDF a free hand to conduct military exercises without any political or “commercial self-interest” interference. Both governments under UNP/UNF and SLFP/PA have had vested commercial interests known as “buck sheesh”. And that goes for the leadership of the LTTE/TTT too. There were and are, many General Ratwatte’s in each camp.

One interesting question is, If today one does an audit of all the weapons purchased and imported according to the “Country of Final Destination” documentation, by the Sri Lankan government and deducted those weapons lost to the LTTE/TTT terrorists and claimed as lost, there still will be short fall of about 35-40% of the total figure. This is according to statistics given by Janes, the renown journal of the Defence Industry. You might guess the answer!

And to your other point, Are they waiting for axe to fall and chop the country? Get the LTTE/TTT to remove the axe! No self respecting citizen of Sri Lanka wishes to chop the country.

Neither your thoughts nor my statements, are Foolish, Sir!

Wish You Peace and Goodwill!





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