Bishen Bedi Throws Javelin At Murali But Misses Its Mark.

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Recent unwarranted remarks by former Indian Test Spinner Bishen Bedi about Sri Lankan MegaStar Spin Bowler Muttiah Muralitharan seem to have been made through a sense of derision and envy as it is hardly fair, coming from a cricketing dignitary of his reputation and status in Indian Cricket. His rather feckless and vapid comments which go on to criticize Murali's bowling action in saying "If Muralitharan does not chuck, then I'm a Javelin Thrower" quote unquote, seems to be a pathetic reflection upon the frustrations he may have experienced at the hands of the Indian Cricket Board some years ago when he was rather ingloriously dumped from the Test Squad also due to his verbosity and inefficiancy as an all round player unable to contain rather temperamental outbursts and continued criticism of his peers which subsequently resulted in his getting booted from the side.Bedi's comments are sad and absolutely uncalled for and an apology would be in order.

Bedi has always been at the centre of controversy in which he has wallowed throughout his career and involvement with Indian Cricket with much embarrassment to the Indian Cricketing Board even after retirement, about which many Indian and International Cricketing Personalities are perfectly aware of and it may be in order to reprimand him for his latest comments on the bowling action of one of the great cricketing personalities of all time as the intent of his comments seems to be directed at denigrating Murali who being the gentleman that he is would probably take all of this in stride with that well known smile of his rather than respond to the grass roots mentality of the commentator.

Bedi seems to have almost blindly, overlooked the fact that the issue of Muralitharan's Bowling Action deemed 'chucking' by a few double visioned Australian and new Zealand Umpires which caused many a furore both on and off the field involving Governing Bodies of Cricket in Australia, England etc. and was finally settled beyond reasonable doubt as it was taken up by the International Cricket Conference the ICC which is the supreme body of International Cricket which accepted both medically and technically that the bowling action of Muralitharan was perfectly legitimate and that he was wrongfully incarcerated so what is Mr Bedi whining about? The Lancashire County Cricket Club who subsequently invited Murali to play in the Benson And Hedges County Championship bear testimony to this by the many accolades and praises bestowed upon him both as a highly talented player and a charming personality.

It must be added in all fairness to Bedi that he was a magnificient bowler for India during his prime befuddling many a batsman with his wily variation of spin, guile and deception and perhaps was let go prematurely by India but gives him no justification to arrive at conclusions which are unfair, controversial and contradictary about someone who is as highly respected and loved for his charm, decorum and talent as Murali, to which Bedi could not hold a candle as in the cricketing world of today he would be considered mediocre compared to Murali. Curiously, he seems to have chosen the wrong location to vent out his frustrations

Indeed Bedi might have had a latent skill hitherto unknown about his prowess at throwing a javelin but being dimunitive in stature, that too may have been unlikely albeit the verbal javelin he has thrown, missing it's mark has raised many an eyebrow around the cricketing world as to what exactly it's objective is and whether it is a deliberate attempt to bring disrepute to someone who just might become the greatest bowler of all time.


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