Definitions Of Chief Norwegian Peace Monitor That There are No Violations By The LTTE, Laughable.

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Quoting the April 2nd newsposting of Xinhuanet, in the Island News Paper : According to Chief Norwegian Monitor Trond Furuhovde "None of the complaints investigated by the Norway led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission have been identified as violating the ceasefire agreement between the Government and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels" end quote, dispelling them as unrelated reports. Furuhovde said in an interview with the paper that, quote, "Reports of Abductions, Extortion and Child Conscription were criminal acts unrelated to the ceasefire agreement that needed to be dealt with by the Police" end quote, in a most laughable manner, implying that Norway would impose a double standard in defining LTTE atrocities and their arrogance which the Sinhala Nation perceives as a denial of their rights to Security and Peace based upon Logical Norms rather than that of speculations of individuals who know little or nothing about the Pulse of the Nation and thereby they should either return to the drawing boards to rethink strategies or pack up and go home as their actions and conclusions thus far appear to be bordering on the ridiculous as well as one of sublime indifference to the reality of situations prevailing. Conclusions cannot be drawn in the manner of a Tourist whose knowledge of internal affairs is minimal or non existent and relative to supplied information which more often than distorted or misrepresented (sadly very true in Sri Lanka) to favour the informant.

He has further continued to insist that the Monitors could not look into speculation or turn general reports into complaints for the purpose of investigating them and has stopped short of shoving these reports under the carpet on his rationale that there were no direct complaints lodged with the 'Mission' ( Norwegian or Ramakrishna one wonders ? ) about the activities reported in the media, saying also that the actual complaints presented so far cannot be categorized as violations of the ceasefire agreement signed by the Government and the Tamil rebels on February 22 in a manner so presumptuous that it indicates a clear bi-partisan attitude towards favouring the LTTE under any circumstance with the blessings of the misguided UNF Government. The direction in which Furuhovde is headed is all too familiar and reminiscent of a previous infamous Norwegian mediator Erik Solheim who eventually brought the mediations into a stalemate which were eventually aborted and Solheim booted out. Incidentally for the record, Solheim is reported to be once again consorting with the likes of Anton Balasingham with unknown motivations.

The 23 members on the monitoring team comprising of Norwegians, Fins and Swedes have been deployed in Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya, Trincomalee,Batticaloa and Ampara in the North and East of the country where many violations of the rather transparent MoU have been observed but for obvious reasons have not been perpetrated in full sight of the team!!! and are continuing as the strong armed tactics of the LTTE have increased appreciably since the sychophantic surge of the UNF led by the speculative team of the Prime Minister, Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Constitutional Affairs. The Intelligence Sources which have confirmed these reports appear to have viable information as well as undisputable evidence to confirm them ,so is the Norwegian Monitor indulging in some kind of fantasy?. Or does Norway identify intimidation of a free Society with a double standard to preserve a covert conflict of interest, in which case they should be very politly asked to leave unless they are fully prepared to indemnify the Sinhala Nation in the event of any compromise which could further project LTTE attrocities and disillusion its more deserving !

In the manner of the Three Wise Men Of Gotham Who Went To Sea In A Tub, Messers Wickremasinghe, Fernando and Peiris , tethered to the manipulations of the LTTE appear to be now drifting on a course which is not only detrimental to Security and Territorial Integrity but it is also an aberration of all norms conducive to the Preservation Of The Sinhala Nation agitating for redress.There is however one other, a certain John Ameratunge for whom there seems to be no room in the tub, lest it sinks but rearing to jump in!.

If Monitoring Mission Leader Furuhovde is blatantly trying to contradict claims by the Muslim Community in the Eastern and North Eastern Provinces together with the Tamil Community also affected by recent LTTE strong arm tactics that they indeed are very relative towards violations of the Peace Process it is a sure indication of a coverup to avoid embarrassment to them and the Myopic UNF Administration whose vision of peace seems affiliated towards its own self centered objectives and the search for a permanent holding on to Administrative Power which was a UNP Hallmark reminiscent of past Administrations resulting in the Constitutional Ammendments initiated by the J.R. Jayawardena Era in the mid 70s.

It is rather uncanny considering the timing that fund raising, extortion attempts, huge arms build ups and storages of caches of weapons at strategic locations, forcible child conscriptions and unusual LTTE activity despite denials are being shrugged off by Frundhove as a mere Police Matter when they are a clear indication of the insincerity of the LTTE towards the MoU and should complacency towards it result in an unforeseen eventuality such as a well organised LTTE re-surfacing, the Peace Process would not only be seen by the World as an Injustice towards a Sovereign Nation but also a violation of its Democratic Rights distinctly applicable to the Sinhala Nation and a total Farce!


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