Anuras's Observations Of US Election Not Based On Conjecture.

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Regardless of subsequent coverups and the media circus which followed the last US Presidential Election there are many within the United States who believe that the Hon. Al Gore was robbed of the Presidency through mismanagement of the electoral process, mal practises and a general undercurrent of a favourable swing towards George .W.Bush in the State of Florida orchestrated by his Brother Zeb, a rather dubious Woman District Administrator of the Florida Elections Authority and the Supreme Court of Florida who sealed the result in favour of Bush in the mayhem which followed so if the Hon. Anura Bandaranaike has commented on the nature of the Elections in the US as being questionable by comparison with his own election into the Sri Lankan Parliament he is being implicity accurate factually, statistics wise and not far from the truth. In reality Mr.Gore even won the popular vote over Mr.Bush if it is any indication of what Mr. Bandaranaike was implying.

Certainly the United States must reportedly be deeply disturbed over comments by Presidential Advisor Anura Bandaranaike on the recent meeting between the American President George W. Bush and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Wickremasinghe and that President Bush had come to office after a fraudulent election as the election if not completely fradulent had many obvious grey areas and gliches which seemed to favour Bush and the power of protocol and the complexities of the US Electoral System saw to it that a result , (any result seemed sufficient in the end to appease a disgusted American Public) was finalised officially and a mere 800 votes was the final deciding factor indeed as suggested by Mr. Bandaranaike by comparison with his 10,000+ vote majority in his own Constituency and a cause to be proud of.

The fact that US ambassador Ashley Wills has sent a letter to Mr. Bandaranaike after watching a video clipping and listening to the full speech made by Mr. Bandaranaike at an Ampara rally recently comes as no surprise as it is part of his diplomatic duties to preserve the integrity of the Administration he represents regardless of whether or not some of its credibilities appear to be questionable while it is the discretion of the Hon. Mr. Bandaranaike to speak out on a matter governed by a democratic conscience.

It was common knowledge though allegedly suppresed by the US Administration at the time that there was a massive post election turnout of protests by Black, Hispanic and Minority Voters supporting the Democrats in the State of Florida that many of them were prevented from voting, their votes either discarded and trashed on petty pretexts and many incidents of obstruction which had been reported by very credible sources and further corroborated by groups of Sri Lankan Americans residing in Florida that all of it contributed to the final outcome which favoured Bush and graciously accepted by the very gentlemanly and classy Al Gore who needs to merely bide his time until the next elections if the current state of affairs in the USA are any indication.

Mr. Bandaranaile seems very justified in lodging a strongly worded protest to the US Ambassador Mr. Willis that his statements were not based on conjecture and that the sources of his information were very reliable although regretably it may have inadvertently dampened to a degree the objectives of the Wickremasinghe - Bush Meeting.






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