Proud to be Sinhala - Part II

Forrest Gump

I wish to expand on some of the issues I raised in my previous article.
People never seem to learn from history, especially Sri Lankans.

Parallel between Hitler and Prabhakaran

Hitler came into power in a Germany which was economically ruined. People had to take baskets of currency to buy a loaf of bread. What he did was to create the myth of an enemy which was, according to Hitler, the cause of all their problems. The mythical enemy was the Jew. He also went on to create in the German peoples mind the possibility of a great Germany, a Third Reich so to speak which will rule the world. With these two ideas he galvanized the Germans into action. By launching a war he was able to pull the resources in and the economy started moving. Hitler wove a net of confusion and fooled the Germans to believe that he was fighting for them, when he was only wanting the power and domination for himself.

Prabahakaran is the same. He has created in the mind of the Tamil people a cause for all their problems. The cause is the Sinhala people and “Sinhala chauvinism” which has become rhetoric with the Tamil Diaspora. The Sinhalese who have always acted with decency and tried to live in peace with all the minorities have been labeled as chauvinists. He has used it as a justification to wipe out entire villages of Sinhalese in the north and east. Tamils had also before them the vision of the myth of Dravidasthan, a greater Tamil nation consisting of separate states in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. which are all countries with Tamils as minorities. Even though the Tamils are 35% in Malaysia since the Malays have Bhumiputra law which means that the indigenous Malays have all the rights while the minorities have little, there is not even a pip squeak out of the Tamils in Malaysia. While in Sri Lanka though the Tamils are only 12% (possibly 8% now), they decided that Sri Lanka was the stepping stone to Dravidasthan since the Sinhala people are too kind and soft and can be overcome very easily. Even though the Sinhalese were created as a mythical enemy, LTTE’s hatred of the Sinhalese has now become very real as shown by the unmitigated cruelty shown by LTTE to the captured soldiers and the Sinhala villagers in the north and east. Prabahakaran is supposed to enjoy bleeding live soldiers to death and watch them die slowly. The LTTE used to cut off the feet of dying soldiers to remove the boots. Long before the 1983 riots, the LTTE killed around 200 soldiers and one of the last Sinhala students in Jaffna was killed by them by cutting him open and pulling his entrails out so that he died an agonizing death.

Just as Hitler who killed and tortured millions in the name of the “Aryan race” and tried to wipe out the entire Jewish race, finally died by his own hand so will Prabahakaran take the Tamil people down to the lowest levels of shame and then finally meet his end. Just as Hitler was responsible for the destruction of virtually the entire German race so will Prabahakaran destroy the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Some of the South Indian Tamil leaders appear to have got wise and disassociated themselves from Prabahakaran and the LTTE.

Just like Hitler, he has created a net of confusion and made the Tamils believe that he is their only savior when in reality he is an uneducated fisherman from a low caste who just wanted to have the power and domination for himself and create a fascist state in the north and east.

The incredible discontent of the Tamils

What is the incredible discontent the Tamils have which drives them crazy ?. They have always behaved as if the hounds of hell were after them. The Tamils have always used every trick in the book to get whatever they can from every one. When the Dutch were there they brought in Tamils to work on the Tobacco plantations. The Dutch passed the Thesavalami law which means the Tamils cannot sell their land to anyone else but Tamils and ensured that they remained in the country to work for them. The Sinhalese who were farmers living in the villages were not interested in working for the Dutch. In their desperateness to get ahead the Tamils did what ever backlicking they had to do with the Dutch. It was the same with the British. They sucked up to the missionaries who wanted converts for the church.

By sacrificing their pride and honor they got pride of place in the new economy the British created in Sri Lanka based on the plantations. It is the same now. Whether it is the Norwegians, the British or the Australians they are willing to lick their backsides and get whatever they can from them. In contrast the Sinhalese never ask for anything and as a result they never get anything. In the 1940’s Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam pleaded with the British on behalf of the Sinhalese since the Sinhalese were too proud to ask for anything.

The LTTE has tried to grab for the Tamil people what rightfully belongs to all the people in Sri Lanka by cheat and deceit. They have tried to destroy all historical evidence and change the truth by removing all traces of Sinhala occupation in the North and the East. They are teaching their version of history to the Tamils which will perpetuate generations of illwill and hatred among the Tamils to the Sinhalese. I guess just as the Germans were willing to follow Hitler without thinking for themselves, the Tamils appear to be willing to follow Prabahakaran like sheep. The same fate will befall them that befell the German people.

In comparison to the Tamils the Sinhalese are in my opinion a saner people. There was a lot of love and laughter and joy of living compared to the Tamils who spend all their time plotting and planning how to get something for nothing. The Buddhist philosophy which holds in high esteem “dana” which is giving or compassionate giving, gives to both the giver and the receiver. The Tamil way of getting by cheat and deceit never satisfies them because that is the very nature of that type of taking. They are left feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day. These are fundamental laws of the universe. All the religions have always said the same things. Those who give receive and those who try to get lose everything.

What have the Tamils gained by the last 20 years of war ?

Up to date what have the Tamils gained by the 20 years of destruction they launched themselves upon. Has any Tamil thought as to where Prabahakaran is taking them. All the gold the Jaffna Tamils had hoarded behind the palm fences was all destroyed or was taken by the IPKF and later by the LTTE to pay for the war. If all the money that was wasted in destroying Sri Lanka had been spent in building up the North and the East, the Sri Lanka government would probably have handed over the governership to Prabahakaran for doing a wonderful job in developing those areas. The LTTE killed any and everybody who opposed them including the well to do Tamils, the TULF leadership, and the intellectuals such as Neelan Tiruchelvam. The rest of the Tamils educated class have run away to Canada, U.K, Norway, Europe, Australia etc., where they are living the life of exiles while being forced to give the better part of their earnings to Prabahakaran. Tamils have in fact lost their self respect, their integrity, and all over the world Tamils are viewed with suspicion. In the west the Tamils are known to indulge in forging of passports, drug trafficking, and prostitution in their desperateness to provide money for Prabahakaran’s dream. In my opinion it is the biggest hoax of the century and the Tamils have been taken for the biggest ride in their life by Prabahakaran.

What are the issues facing the Tamils

All humans are the same. They all breathe, drink water, need food, need sleep and shelter. They all yearn for peace and happiness. This is the same for the poor Tamils as well as for the poor Sinhalese. Hunger is the same for a Tamil as well as for a Sinhalese. The issues such as unemployment and lack of housing etc. are the same problems we have in the south among the Sinhalese. That is why there were two insurrections among the Sinhala youth. Those insurrections were put down mercilessly by the SLFP and the UNP. No human rights groups came to interfere, there were no NGO’s protesting. All that happened was that the army were instructed to go to villages and round up the youth, get them to dig their own graves and then shoot them so that they fell into them. To date the real number of the Sinhala youth who died are not really known. Yet when the same uprising happened among the Tamil youth it was made into an ethnic issue by Prabahakaran. He was clever enough to confuse the issues and channel the discontent among the youth into a Sinhala -Tamil ethnic issue. Where the Sinhalese and Tamils have lived together for thousands of years they suddenly created an issue.

Instead of realizing that we are on earth only for a brief moment, the LTTE is trying to do a land grab from a country and a people who have treated them comparatively kindly and accepted them to live with them. If they look at the fate of all the countries which tried to build empires by spilling blood they should learn the folly of it all. Look at the Pyramids builders of Egypt, the Roman empire, the British empire, Alexander’s empire, Napoleon Bonaparte’s empire and recently Hitler’s Third Reich. All the billions who were killed in the name of a cause - was it worth in the long run. What did any of these people achieve. Nothing.

The British who conquered so many countries are now having to cope with the influx of the those people into Britain. The most prominent landmark in London’s Regent’s Park is a mosque. Such is the wheel of Dharma. It turns slowly but turns true.

What are the solutions for the Sinhalese

In my opinion ever since the Sinhalese conceded the power to the British (British never conquered Sri Lanka, it was conceded to them by the Nilames who wanted to get rid of the half Tamil King, Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe), our downfall has not been due to any thing else but the petty jealousy and infighting among the leaders. Ever since 1948 the two main parties have been battling it out at the expense of the Sinhalese and the country. Even today it is a personal battle between Chandrika and Ranil. When will they learn that the only one who benefits from all this are the minorities ?. They must come together or else the Sinhalese will perish. Even the Sihala Urumaya from which much was expected collapsed due to the bickering for leadership among it’s ranks.

The life blood of the country has always been water for irrigation. The governments without listening to the World Bank and the IMF should do whatever they can to develop the old tanks and the irrigation system. Then the people will do the rest. The “Dahasek Wewa” program is the kind of program that will succeed since it is not dependent on NGO’s and ADB, World Bank and IMF. If there were more programs like this then it would work.

We have done nothing to generate power from the wind and the sun both of which we have plentifully. In USA the fastest growing energy generation is in wind power. Wind generation is growing at the rate of 500%. Yet recently we signed a contract to build a coal based power plant. I am sure some one gave the plant at a cheap price with lots of commissions to all concerned and for the next ten or twenty years we will be buying coal at exorbitant prices and polluting the beautiful Trinco area. The acid rain problem due to coal fired plants is so bad in Germany and Europe that they are exporting their problems to us and getting rid of the coal at the same time.

Our leaders and the higher levels of society should try to set an example to the rest of the people by simple living and high thinking. Instead of emulating the west and their decadent ways we should cherish the values and the culture we have inherited and realize what a treasure it is. The culture built around the village, the water tank, the temple and school lasted for 2500 years and it will last another 2500 if given a chance by our moronic leaders.

If we spend a fraction of what we spend on the idiotic ministers for their bullet proof Mercedes Benz’s, the Pajaros, the cell phones, security personnel and the trips abroad on doing up the villages, Sri Lanka would flourish.

What did the UNF ministers do on coming to power ?. Tyronne Fernando was flying to every troubled spot in the world trying to solve everyone’s problems except our own, all the other ministers were flying all over the place on “see the world tours”. Did any one care about the drought in Hambantota or the fact that the farmers crops had failed ?. NO. They were so busy looking after themselves that they had no time to look at the people who elected them into power. There is no accountability when politicians come into power. It is as if they need to make money not only for themselves but for their next ten generations. There is no accountability for the Ministers, the MP’s and the entire political apparatus. The people are forced to vote them into power since there is no choice. Does anyone check on each Minister to see how much development he has achieved or what they have contributed for all the goodies they have received from the poor starving people of the country?

Here in the US, youth are so lost and with no moral guide lines running completely amok. So many school children pull out guns and kill their teachers and other children on slightest pretext. The catholic church ministers have been found to be abusing young boys and now they are having to pay millions in compensation. It is like an insane asylum. The C.E.O’s of corporations have been found to have been defrauding the companies to the tune of billions of dollars. So much so that the stock market has almost crashed and the US President has had to enact special legislation to imprison offenders in order to restore confidence in the Corporate sector. Is that the kind of society we want for our children ?. There are more and more westerners turning to Buddhism for the beauty and simplicity of the universal truths the Buddha propounded.

Yet our idiotic leaders are aping these losers and trying to create a society just like this one in Sri Lanka. They even import their toilet bowls from Italy and the Mercedes Benzes and are quite happy while the poor villagers are eking out a bare living. There must surely be a special hell created for these government ministers to go to when they die.

Instead of opening the economy for exploitation by each and everyone we should more or less close the economy and try to build our own resources. If we are self sufficient in our food, and we can use our export products such as the tea, coconut and rubber to import our needs of petroleum and medicines; then surely we can manage without handing over the Sinharaja forest, the water ways, the roads and everything to the private sector. The private sector will be essentially foreign money backed by LTTE and Tamils abroad. This means that essentially our entire economy and resources will be in the hands of the LTTE.

Why has this war gone on and on for so long?

The LTTE has seduced our leadership to get all kinds of concessions never given to a terrorist group anywhere else in the world. Since 1983 succession of our leaders have been bought over either by money or fear by the LTTE. Starting with Premadasa who used the LTTE to ‘kill off his opposition’ in return for a free reign in the east and the north. Then Chandrika came and she started fighting the LTTE. But due to her insecurity and nepotism she put her inexperienced relations Ratwatte and Daluwatte in charge of the army which caused thousands of our brave soldiers to die. Ratwatte was interested only in keeping the war going to get commissions from armaments dealers. Even in the situation when Jaffna was about to be overrun by LTTE and she appealed to India for help, it was General Janaka Perera who virtually single handedly turned the situation around. Instead of helping him to finish the problem which he would have in a couple of months, she pulled him back and sent him to Australia as Ambassador. We can only speculate as to why it was done. Was it because her children were in England and vulnerable to the LTTE ?. Each time it was the poor Sinhala soldiers who paid the ultimate price. In other countries when army leaders make incredible blunders like the one which lost 1200 soldiers in Mulletivu and the second one at Elephant Pass which cost about another 1000 soldiers lives who died due to dehydration, the guilty army leaders are honorable enough to put a bullet through their own brains. In case of Rohan Daluwatte and Ratwatte they get promoted. Today we see a once great country reduced to negotiating with terrorists who have broken their word again and again. The last cease fire with Anton Balasingham ended up with 600 STF men in the east who were shot in cold blood. We were stupid enough to trust the LTTE and disarm our STF when the LTTE just walked in and lined up the STF boys and killed them in cold blood. Just as Premadasa thought he had control of the LTTE, now Ranil thinks he has control over the LTTE, and just like Premadasa the LTTE will despatch him when he longer serves their purpose.

Our leadership is corrupt, inept, and completely gullible. They have no vision for the country and are only interested in padding their own pockets at the expense of the country and the people. I guess their dream is to retire to a ‘farm in Sussex’ or its equivalent abroad, just like Sir. Oliver Gunatilake did many years ago.

I am hoping against all hope that a miracle will happen and our leaders will change even at this eleventh hour. Otherwise all will be lost and our glorious civilization will go down to dust. Let us all arise united against this LTTE scourge and fight the honorable battle to our last breath for all the values we cherish and for the sake of all the brave soldiers who laid down their lives.





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