Russian Foreign Minister's Accolades Deserving Of The Previous PA Administration.

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When Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov told his visiting Sri Lankan counterpart, Tyronne Fernando that he valued the two countries' cooperation in the fight against international terrorism he was probably refering in retrospect to the efforts of the Previous Regime of Mm. Chandrika Kumaratunga rather than the present UNF Government who in reality have no claim to this accolade as it in fact it is collaborating with the LTTE and literally dancing to their tunes, so opportunist Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando had better come clean and admit that Ivanov's praises are indeed an affirmation of the Previous PA Administration's War Effort which gave no quarters towards quelling the onslaughts of the LTTE which threatened to almost destroy every fibre of the Democratic System that was Post British Sri Lanka.

"Our two countries came in collision with international terrorism long ago and they continue to lead this fight," Ivanov was quoted as saying by ITAR-TASS News Agency and he could only have been refering to the valiant efforts of a stalwart few giants in the Sri Lankan Military machine some of whom sacrificed their lives for their Motherland and some whose efforts were inadequately rewarded and not given the recognition they deserved although their proud legacy remains as a tribute to the Sinhala Nation.
References to the Sri Lankan Government's efforts to preserve the country's territorial integrity was an issue which the PA fought for vehemently against the Tamil tiger rebels, who are seeking to establish a separatist state on the Indian Ocean island and at no stage must it ever be confused that the UNF Government has unequivocally stood for the importance of this integrity as they have granted too many concessions to the LTTE and continue to do so. Mr Ivanov should stand corrected if he is mistakenly refering to the Wickremasinghe Administration as champions of the fight against terrorism as they are presently on a path of collaboration through thir ill devised paltry MoU with the LTTE as the story unfolds with talk of interim administrations in the North and North East and access to previously classified security zones together with the continued tolerance of all LTTE activity which indicates none but a build up of their resources in the wake of their newly acquired liberality from the Government.

"The Russian side reaffirmed its understanding and support for the Sri Lankan government's efforts to end the military conflict on the island, which is accompanied by extremist and terrorist acts and to secure territorial integrity," the Russian Foreign Minister said in a statement released after the talks with Foreign Minister Fernando although it is unclear what the Russians were implying and hopefully were not encouraging the line of compromise and betrayal of the Sinhala Nation being perpetrated by the Wickremasinghe Administration's present subservient conciliations to the LTTE as the Nation is not just about ready to stand by and watch a bunch of outcast proscribed terrorists have any say in the handling of Sri Lankan Affairs at any level and will not be satisfied until justice is done in apprehending and bringing to justice the ringleaders of the LTTE who have caused so much destruction and havoc to this tranquil land and to a degree neighbouring India whose calls for extradition continue!.

Russia 's weary campaign in the separatist Muslim republic of Chechnya as an anti-terrorism operation is vaguely comparable to the Sri Lankan conflict where more than 60,000 people have died in three decades of ethnic bloodshed and there the comparison ends. There have been no compromises on the part of the Russian Government to palaver to the rhetoric of the Chechyn Rebels and to the contrary President Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue the onslaught against them until they are wiped out completely.

The recent signed Russian- Sri Lankan Security Co-Operation agreement in a bid to boost the exchange of intelligence and tackle serious crime as an interchanging of understanding beneficial to both Nations seems overly hypothetical at this stage as relative to both sides there is much more than a theoretical evaluation needed to set in motion the modus operandi which would guarantee the elimination of serious crimes rampant in suburban areas of both Nations and furthermore the priorities of Sri Lanka seem to be hinged towards Nation Building to which a greater importance must be placed, of which crime fighting could be rated as an important facet.

Increased Soviet-Sri Lankan friendship and understanding it must be remembered, goes back to the times of the late Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike during whose tenure as Sri Lanka's Matriarch Leader there was a very congenial build up of understanding between the the two countries and a time during which there were many contradictions and dissents by the then UNP Opposition towards Soviet-Lankan Friendships and ironically the praises which come from the present Foreign Minister are inadvertently directed at her daughter whose selfless efforts still continue to hold the Sinhala Nation together resolute in her patriotism and carrying out of duties while Foreign Minister Fernando has no choice but to take a back seat.



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