Uthayan editorial discloses the treacherous UNP-LTTE scheme.


UNP's sudden phobia of a plot to replace Ranil with a cabinet headed by Kadiragamar is another treacherous scheme to fulfil the pledges given to the terrorists. The Jaffna Tamil Daily "Uthayan" in its editorial on 5th August, states that the time period of 160 days set to fulfil various activities under the Government-Tiger MOU has elapsed. The question is what next? It says that there is a matter to be fulfilled according to the agreement reached between the government and the Tigers, after the ceasefire and the MOU, and prior to the negotiations on the core issues relating to finding a solution to the Ethnic Problem.

Elaborating the secret agreement further it discloses, that it is a matter that Ranil Wickremasinghe's representative Mr. Milinda Moragoda agreed when he met the Political Advisor of the Tigers Anton Balaskgham in London prior to the 2001 general election. Again this matter was discussed when both Moragoda and Balasingham met in London recently. It is a matter Ranil Wickremasinghe publicly pledged prior to the last Election. It is handing over of an interim administration to the Tigers to rule North and East, the paper confesses.

It further says that the next step in the current peace process is the establishment of this interim administration and any further progress in the peace process now solely rests in the hands of Ranil. It hints that Ranil may give them the interim administer at the present juncture in the form of an advisory council, due to the practical difficulties in getting a two thirds majority in the parliament to enact the necessary constitutional amendments, and legalise the actions of this council through the Governor of the North East. However, it states that the President is the biggest stumbling block to implement this plan as she undoubtedly will not appoint Ranil's nominee as the Governor of the North East to implement his plans. It concludes stating that under these obstacles they expect that Ranil will resolutely pursue his goals in the peace process.

It is very clear now where the treacherous UNP is heading for. In order to fulfil their pledges to the Tigers and appease the murderous tiger leader they are trying their best to buy out MPs or even to go for an election, with all false pretexts to grab sufficient power to implement legislation to legalise a rogue Tiger administration in the North and East.



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