The Wisdom Of Bishop Desmond Tutu And His Moderates Very Appropriate.

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It has taken the wisdom of Human Rights Activists such as Bishop Rev. Desmond Tutu and his dedicated band of world observers to reiterate what many believers have already emphasized that the glitter of what appears to be a tranquil transformation of the Nation from its former apprehensive State seiged by insecurity to an environment calm perhaps temporarily ere the storm and needs to be approached with caution, the primary point being emphasized that it would be foolish to open avenues of access to the LTTE without the appropriate responses from them that they would not in any way compromise National Security, agreement to the non proliferation of weapons, desist from the recruitment of cadre and an open sincerity towards healing the wounds of the past.

The LTTE have not fully convinced the People of Sri Lanka that they are prepared to accede to these requirement as their spokespersons such as Douglas Devananda and Anton Balasingham among others, still continue their veiled threats to assassinate Prominent Political Figures, their cadres carry on continuing the surreptitious build up of their arsenals ( The latest being a huge shipment of heavy artillery intended for the LTTE apprehended in Thailand ) and the disgusting practise of forcible child recruitment much to the chagrin of the Tamil Communities in the North and East unwilling to align with the LTTE or recognise them which all adds up to the insignificance of their identity and their disposition towards the well being of the Nation contrary to the rationale of the UNF Administration.

The Administration in the meantime continues to roll towards the LTTE's demands unconditionally with the cordiality of zookeepers at feeding time approaching a cage of vicious spot changing leopards (there are no generic nor indigenous tigers in Sri Lanka) and a few unacceptable euphemisms such as "Security Will Not Be Relaxed and the Nation's Integrity Shall Not Be Compromised!" thrown into their dialogue in the hope that it will placate the tensions running high with in the country at present but the recent responsed from the masses have been totally to the contrary and one wonders what the Government's next move is going to be.The annals of Mahadenamuttha may have to be retreived from the archives and researched as therein might lie the appropriate answer!

The alaming reality of the forcible disarming of all Tamil Groups Opposed to the LTTE leaves them very vulnerable to attack(the very assassination hints of Devananda as a cross reference) and the relaxation of National Security under orders from the 'Top' to refrain from any actions which would impede the Peace Process has given the LTTE an unexpected bonus to re-group undercover of the Ceasefire which too has peen precision timing to their advantage and is beginning to weigh the scale in their favour together with Our Man Wickremasinghe with his rather indelible smug smirk protracting (perhaps inadvertently due to his incapacity to comprehend realities) what may yet turn out to be the Nation's Ultimate demise illustrating the very danger which Bishop Tutu and his group of moderates have warned about.



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