Cease-fire and peace talks - let us not be complacent but be vigilant

'President, Only One Lanka' Canberra, Australia

Everyone seems to be happy that there is peace in the country. If peace is achieved with dignity, without division of the country, then that would be the best thing to happen to our country. However, unfortunately it seems that the government, as well as the public in the South, are thinking that the other party involved in the peace talks, ie. The murderous terrorist organisation, the LTTE, is also genuinely interested for peace.

It was the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher who stated that there should be no dealing with terrorists as they cannot be trusted.

The recent activities of the LTTE in stock piling weapons on a massive scale, recruitment of new cadres, and the statements of Prabhakaran and Balasingham at the Press Conference are all signs that they have a hidden agenda to use the peace process to create the Ealam. In the guise of establishing political offices (as provided by the infamous MOI) the LTTE have already infiltrated into the government-held areas in the North and East (LTTE already calls these areas as the 'Thamil Ealam'), but our forces are not authorised to go to the LTTE held areas! 'Time' magazine reported that only 3 weeks ago (after the cease-fire) a shipload of weapons was transported to the LTTE from Cambodia. It is noted that at least four more successful shipments of armaments have recently occurred. Then, there is the recent gathering of the sea tigers in Trincomalee. These are all signs that the Government should be vigilant and be ready for any action by the LTTE to divide the country (especially when the LTTE is well known to have broken previous cease-fires).

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the LTTE are using the cease-fire to create the Ealam. Earlier they knew that it would be more difficult to create the Ealam by war. For the LTTE the problem is that their numbers are very small compared with the Sri Lankan military. The MOU has made it more easier for them now to create the Ealam (and that is going to happen very soon - perhaps even early next year!).

One should not remember how the Israeli navy recently caught a Palestinian armament shipment when that ship was in international waters. No one raised a voice against Israel because they had the legitimate right to stop shipment of armaments against their state (even though the ship was in international waters). It is the Sri Lankan government who is shivering with fear to arrest such ships (mind you recent LTTE ships were detected within the Sri Lankan territorial waters!). We can certainly arrest those LTTE cadres who deal in weapon imports as the MOU does not apply to activities on the sea.

Like the LTTE we too must extensively recruit new forces, train them and above all strengthen our military hardware (especially the airforce and navy). It is ludicrous to sit and wait saying that if we do these things then international opinion will go against us.

The international community will fully support us (especially the USA) for fighting against the world's most gruesome terrorist force (more fearsome than Al Quaeda). The LTTE is known to have links with Al Quaeda as well. It was only last week that the US Ambassador in Colombo warned the LTTE against importing arms.

The reality is that the international community cannot simply understand the government's naive, child like statements and such toleration of a most barbaric and ruthless terrorist group, which even killed our country's head of state. Any other country would have taken advantage of September 11 incident, mobilised international support and gone on a massive scale military operation against such a gruesome terrorist group. Amongst other crimes against humanity it has committed, the LTTE has stabbed and split open the bellies of pregnant mothers, grabbed infant children from their mother's arms (some when being breast fed by their mothers) and smashed them onto the ground then killed and raped thousands of innocent women. Because these atrocities were committed against innocent Sinhalese Buddhist villages in the rural marginal areas no one dares to talk about these incidents. Even the present and past government leaders have desperately tried not to give any publicity to such atrocities and the newspapers have been warned against reporting them. But the villagers in those areas know exactly what has happened. The saddest thing is that these incidents plus the bombings in Colombo and other area are going to continue unless the LTTE is annihilated.

Our leaders must be shrewd and skilful to obtain international support in order to defeat the terrorists militarily because there is no doubt that the peace talks are leading towards the creation of the Ealam. Our leaders must meet the influential leaders around the world and obtain pledges for military support for when war breaks out. Support from Mossad and CIA is a must if we want to fight an intelligent war and win it.

We should not be too mindful of India as Sri Lanka is an independent, sovereign state. Our leaders must be brave enough to tell India that it is they who fostered and created this terrorist menace and that we should be allowed to solve it ourselves, without their undue interference. The best thing is to keep India abreast.

All countries have their own problems to deal with and they are not worried about Sri Lanka. Once the separate state is created it will be those very western countries and organisations (such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch), of whom the government is now very scared, who will recognise the Ealam. Thus, our government should continue with its military operation.

It is quite a shame that the leaders of our country in the last decade, include the present leaders (except President Premadasa) have shown such cowardliness in relation to pleasing western governments on the separatist war (and other matters). We should not be too concerned about losing foreign aid for operating a just and fair war (we do not believe that foreign aid will be cut any way) because the most important matter at hand for any country is its sovereignty and territorial integrity. All other issues are subservient to that (there is no purpose of buying expensive furniture for a house when that house has been destroyed).

Our leaders must learn a lesson from Ariel Sharon, the Israeli leader, how thy effectively tackle the international opinion, to their advantage. Rather than giving positions to their un talented friends and cronies the leaders must appoint suitable and efficient people to key positions, especially as government spokespersons on the issue of ethnic war.

Our leaders must understand that Norway is biased towards the LTTE and the MOU signed is a clear indication of this. It is ludicrous that some terms of the MOU are governed by international law since only disputes between states are governed by international law and the LTTE is not a state, but a group of terrorists. The MOU compels Sri Lankan forces to vacate camps before 01 August 2002 if the camps were previously schools and temples. As the military have no where else to go they may retreat to the South, thus leaving with the LTTE those areas that they secured after sacrificing thousands of young soldiers. Even other Tamil military groups who bore arms and fought against the LTTE (although they were on our side) were also disarmed by the MOU!

Our leaders must bear in mind that at all times they have a paramount duty and a responsibility to preserve the unitary structure of this country. Mere statements by the leaders to this effect are not enough. Real action is required.

I will not be surprised if (or when) the LTTE secedes (as hinted by Prabhakaran) it will be Norway who will first accept them as a separate state.

The creation of the Ealam as enunciated in the Pongu Thamil map encompasses a much larger land area than previously claimed (edging over areas of Negambo, Anuradhapura, Polannaruwa and Hambantota) will require another war to break out and it will be the final war (mother of all wars). As we have been complacent and not ready this war will result in the loss of thousands of armed forces' lives as well as a Rwanda/Congo style massacre of thousands of innocent Sinhalese (men, women and children) who live in the marginal villages of the north and the east. Once this has happened our now brave leaders may flee the country, probably seeking sanctuary in Norway. It will be our future generations who will curse us for stupidity again becoming tricked by the LTTE in agreeing to the division of the mother Lanka, which existed as one country for over 3,000 years as gallantly safeguarded against previous Tamil invasions by such Great kings as Dutugemunu Vijeyaba and Maha Parakramabahu etc.

The creation of the Ealam will later lead to another armed insurrection for secession in the hill country to create the Malaynadu. I believe we may be able to defend the creation of a Malaynadu for sometime but that war in the hills will help Prabhakaran, Balasingham, T Chelvam, Karikaln, Pottu Amman et al. to stabilise and consolidate their newly founded country, the Tamil Ealam. So in this era of peace talks, please, let's not be complacent, but be vigilant. Let us be prepared for the inevitable war again to be initiated by the murderous Prabhakaran, in order to safeguard the unitary status of our beloved country and the lives of its innocent thousands of people of all communities.


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