Reply To Neville

By Periscope

Hi Neville,

If you need to update your knowledge of the precepts of International Law upon which the High Court Decision to Arrest and Imprison your idol V.Prabhakaran is based you may have to dedicate your time towards referencing many Statutes of Law as laid down by the State Legislature and the Constitution which have been blatantly violated by this criminal and even if you had access to them it seems doubtful that with the capacity for interpretation shown by you, there is any likelihood of you fully comprehending what they stand for. In that respect may it be suggested that you withold your comments which seem to have no relevance to the issues at hand other than a bias towards the ultimate goals of the LTTE.

Furthermore be advised that it will be a mere matter of time before the Judgement of the High Court will be implemented not only through local law enforcement but also the International Agencies involved.The Action indeed will be rather resolute! Prof.MacLean is already preparing a brief on the next recommended move.

In response to your interjection on a rather sarcastic note about the "welcoming of the Second Round Of Peace Talks from a banned organization with a convicted leader"where Mr.A.A.M.Nizam of Matara has been invited to "shed some light upon" it would again be a waste of time to try and explain the semantics of theatrics and innuendos being presented at the Peace Talks as they too may well be beyond your comprehension. However you might notice, that your idol Prabhakaran has not even been cross referenced to the Peace Process as the participants have probably realized his non- entity status and his current status as Public Enemy No.1 makes it rather meaningless to involve him.

And certainly there are many individuals with direct lines to the White House and Whitehall as any overseas phone operator would inform you and many high ranking journalists are granted the privilege.It is also contactable through Email.

Do not be disillusioned that the USA and the UK have condoned in any measure the LTTE, its leadership or past attrocities to the point of granting repreives for them although they are indeed eyeing the goings on in Thailand tentatively as is The UN and encouraging the Sri Lankan Representation to continue the return to peace within Sri Lanka completely unaware of the real issues being bypassed at these talks and what is really being compromised! The President may have a reply to your query in this respect.The Eye Wash and the Wool Pulling by the experts at the game, messers Balasingham and G.L Peiris seem to have temporarily succeeded in conveying a false picture to the Yanks and the Brits that all's well back home when in fact it really isn't! Believe me all the smiles and handshakes a seen on prime time TV are not as legit nor as sincere as they appear to be.You may have noticed some nervous hands shaking during the tree plantation ceremony and the back patting that went on! Some journalists in particular had even commented on it!

And incidentally,the 'Northern Lion Warriors' as you care to dub them are not asleep and neither are they stalking their prey, they have been given direct orders to avoid confrontation unless absolutely necessary as was seen in the arrest by the Navy of the the armed LTTE cadre trying a few monkey pranks lately and the STF who stood their ground and opened fire on the insurgents who attempted to storm them recently.

It is rather early for anyone to get too cocky about what the outcome of the Peace Process will be and for some who may have misconstrued it as an accomplishment of indirect Eelam yourself included from the tone of your submission, may be in for a few surprises relative to the continuity of the Administration presently teetering on the brink of uncertainty and its direct impact on the Peace Process minus core issues.

And to you personally Neville, Please do not continue to make irresponsible statements!

Thank You

And have a great day.



A Letter to the Editor
By Neville (LankaWeb - 06/11/02)





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