Officers Of Courage And Dedication Being Compensated With Imprisonment.

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A few predictions have been made that the New UNF Government will start the rut leading into a dangerous scenario of betrayal into the hands of the lurking LTTE and appear to be unfolding as reality this very moment. A group of elite LRRP Covert Operations Army Officers who created heavy inroads into the LTTE are being held in unsanitary conditions in Kandy under the Prevention Of Terrorism Act and is this the compensation these brave Sons Of Lanka are given for their heroics and their selfless dedication towards preserving the Territorial Integrity Of Sri Lanka? Shameful and Decorumless in the manner their movements have been linked to a possible security breach using Udathalawinna as the excuse by the Authorities and an expression of concern for their own security which in reality was more than secure even prior to the elections.

Not only have the identities of these Officers been revealed to the general public in direct violation of the Army Ordinance and Regulations but the Administration has had the affront to transform them into lawbreakers which is a pathetic display of ingratitude towards some who have given their best towards their Motherland in an obtuse diplay of false righteousness where even Presidential Authority appears to have been bypassed.

In what appears to have been an unpardonable breakdown of communications where instructions and conclusions between the Top Brass Of Security intermingled with the random conjecture of the New Administration trigger happy and quick to point fingers at the previous regime has resulted in mass confusion which has led to the turn of events splashed in headlines the World Over. The consequential meaningless arrests and holding of these Brave Officers needs immediate redress and their release secured to prevent further damage being done towards National Security and its very image which in recent times seems to be questionable.

This was the very prediction made by the analysts who were univoiced in their belief that it would be a matter of time before the new Administration sets the ball rolling into uncertainty and there has even been suggestions that infighting between the rank and file of the Armed Forces could result and would be a welcome change for the LTTE to whom the Officers held in imprisonment were a sooth and efficient operational force much to their chagrin and wreaked havoc within their cadres in a manner reminiscent of Major General Janaka Perera.

Is this a further confirmation that all obstacles in the path of the LTTE are being systematically removed regardless of World Opinion and that the hollow cries against what the ringleaders of LTTE support loosely term 'Sinhala Chauvinism' are being heeded in order to justify the projected predilections towards the LTTE as shown by the new Regime who regardless of posterity and the future of the Nation appear to be playing a dangerous game ?


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