Wishful Thinking By Rajitha and G.L.Displays The Opportunistic Mentality Of The UNF, Are These Sinhala Patriots Or Misguided Turncoats.

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As expected some of the former supportives of the PA Regime now transformed into apathetic turncoats are showing off their true colours. Minister Rajitha Senaratne yesterday said President Chandrika Kumaratunga's "foolish stance" on the Peace Process would force the UNP-led United National Front (UNF) to double its efforts to send her out of Janadhipathy Mandiraya. Wishful thinking on his part as the wish would have been made manifest long ago if such Administrative 'pariahs' who have had the nerve to identify themselves with the Sinhala Nation had their way and are now screaming with their begging bowls to glean sympathy votes from Opposition MP to muster up a two third majority to topple the Presidency but may have a thought or two coming their way to the contrary.

"We have no other option," Senaratne, one of President Kumaratunga's strongest critics said mendaciously, pointing out in what he terms recent 'ridiculous' SLFP statements that attacked the Peace Process while offering conditional support to the government which he seemed to believe was evidence that co-habitation has failed and purely a matter of his own puny interpretation as co-habitation thus far appears to be something never attempted.

Quote "We are confident of impeaching the President," end quote, he said, claiming that over 35 MPs have pledged their support to Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe's government in a blatant display of false propaganda and should be challenged to identify these 35 MP's he has in his pocket! as contrary to his speculation the Opposition support in recent times seems to have grown voluminously in a show of force that is likely to augment its strength in the very near future as fortunately there are real sons and daughters of Sri Lanka whose priorities are better directed to her better interests rather than betrayal to the dastardy terrorist entity which all but destroyed it!

The proposed amendments aimed at ending Kumaratunga's powers to dissolve or prorogue parliament any time after December 5 this year coined with a hypothetical allowing of MPs to cross-over or cast a conscience vote obviously a figment of Senaratne's imagination and possibly fomented by idealogue G.L Peiris said. "We want to clip her wings, and ensure that she remains powerless thus allowing the government to do whatever good for the people" or did he really mean " we the UNF are so frustrated by the real restrictions facing our collaboration with the LTTE in acheiving our own ends and theirs and so apprehensive of Presidential Might which has sent the likes of S.B Dissanayake and Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene into near oblivion, will stop at nothing to accomplish our personal goals"?.

In typical foolish verbosity almost pleadinlgy he has said "They will give us the required two-thirds majority," speculating about the ifs and what ifs of opposition crossovers claiming that the two parties were in touch over the proposed move against President Kumaratunga. , reminding the way SLFP MPs quit the party last October to join the then opposition just days after assuring President Kumaratunga that they would stand by her.Unfortunately Senaratne does not seem to have realised the implications of the President's move, having taken a lesser option through dissloution in hindsight and goes on to further state rather obstreperously that quote "The same would happen again. But on a bigger scale," end quote , expressing confidence that they would be able to finalise everything before the end of June. They would issue statements with the President but vote with us, he said in a manner which not only embarrasses the Administration together with his comrade in arms Peiris but also displays a shameful expression of his own identity rather obtuse and multi-faceted in the wrong direction.

Portraying the misconception that Premier Wickremesinghe made a determined bid to work with President Kumaratunga and that the Premier was of the opinion that the two sides would have to work together particularly on the peace process transparently visible to the general public, the High Buddhist Clergy and all Opposition parties as a load of bilge as Wickremasinghe has continued on his merry way paying homage to Prabhakaran and his deviates whereas Senaratne was of the view that the Premier has to take a hardened stance and go ahead with planned action against the President. Proof of the Pudding that within the rank and file of the Sinhala Nation there are such dastardly betrayers of its very essence.

"President Kumaratunga poses a serious threat to the entire process," he claimed probably refering to the 'process' of acheiving their own ends rather than the well being of the Nation which would surely be cast into darkness and insecurity should the last bastion of hope for the Sinhala Nation be unforseeably brought down, attacking her for seeking to torpedo the peace process where the torpedo would be better directed at his verbosity and lack of decorum. He expressed the belief that she was alone and does not command the necessary support of the parliamentary group to engage in an effective campaign against the government when all he needs to do is clean his glasses and look around him as the surge of dissentment increases its velocity against the Peace Process and MoU as it hardly provides real restitution for the woes of the Sinhala Nation! a pruriently projected 'Eelam Nation' maybe!! .

The only degree of sanity" so far has been presented by the SLFP who wants the Prime Minister to respond officially to the proposal of establishing a Standing Committee under the joint leadership of the President and the Prime minister to guide the peace process although it appears to be unattainable due to the diferences of opinion between the two leaders.

The SLFP has also proposed that the Premier should persuade the LTTE to discuss core issues on an urgent basis without agreeing to set up an Interim Administration considered a pre-condition. The SLFP has also opposed the de-proscription of the LTTE before the two sides sit down for talks as it would provide too much leeway for the LTTE to further establish their resources and a reality unfolding regardless under the watchful eye of the Armed Forces and the World at large Government spokesman, idealogue and Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris was expected to respond to the SLFP's demands when he addressed the post-cabinet press briefing whose respone has now been made public that he too has taken the hardline of Senaratne and totally congruent to their dissipated mentalities. Senaratne said that the Government should ignore the SLFP statement and simply go ahead with counter-measures to cripple the President and a misguided proclamation for which he would have to answer to the Sinhala Nation eventually.


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