Prof. Hudson McLean

Why should the Sri Lankan government cave in to a terrorist demand to hand over a slice of the Island to be administered by an Interim Administration run by a bunch of murderous thugs, self appointed, claiming to be the sole guardian of the Sri Lankan Tamils?

Does the government realize that the Island of Sri Lanka is one Sovereign and legal entity which is indivisible?

The voice of Sri Lankans must now speak loud in one loud yell and, Say NO, to an interim administration set up by any individual or a group, without a mandate from the electorate as a whole. It is not for RanilW to decide to grant a slice of the Island at his whim and fancy, without holding a national referendum. Sri Lankan NE is not East Timor or Afghanistan to justify an Interim Administration. Sri Lanka has an on going Administration and if the Tamil population is concerned with the impartiality, let the government extend the Monitoring Mission's status.

There have been so many claims of secret deals between the UNF and the LTTE and it is about time that RanilW came up clean and asked the people of Sri Lanka, the following questions-;

1: Should the North East of the Island of Sri Lanka be handed over to the LTTE to be run by the LTTE as an Independent (fiefdom) Interim Administration?

2: As a part and parcel of this Interim Administration, should the government give up all powers including law enforcement, taxation, judiciary etc?

3: Should the Island of Sri Lanka remain as one unified country under the central leadership and governance of an Administration in the capital Colombo, which is elected democratically?

Take the Norwegians, who are preaching and encouraging the acts of old Viking piracy of high seas which they practised centuries earlier, now brought upon Sri Lankan soil, on the back of LTTE Terrorists.

Rape, Pillage, Highway Robbery, Murder was the order of the day, when the Vikings ruled the North Seas. Now perpetrated by the LTTE. Now the Norwegians, descendants of those terrorists of that period, have brought the franchise to the North Seas of Sri Lanka.

If suddenly the Tamil Terrorists and their Norwegian sponsors discovered that there might be valuable natural resources beneath the palmyrah trees and the chillie plants, and cover up their reasons for demanding the NE part of Sri Lanka on racial or ethnic grounds, how would the American government react to a similar demand from the American Indians for Independent Administration of Texas or a demand from the Eskimos for Independent Alaska? What about the Australian Aborigines? These are real cases. Tamils have several alternative homelands and a Motherland in Tamil Nadu India.

And India disintegrating into a dozen or so independent Sovereign States?

A thieves spoils to be divided between several leaders of the gangs?

As we all know, the Tiger demand for Eelam, a totally unrealistic, illegal claim under any law, is not political, ethnic or humanitarian but purely economical. If the world at large wondered why, a bunch of gangsters and murderous terrorists claiming to represent 12% of the Sri Lankan population, want to lay claim on a coastline of 60% of the Island and 40% of the land mass, possibly due to the undiscovered undeclared latent natural resources belonging to the Island of Sri Lanka.

Several times before the Norwegians moved into the scene, LTTE approached the then Soviet Union (information recorded in KGB files) as well as North Korea creating unrest in Sri Lanka, seeking sponsorship of terrorism. Soviets were interested in acquiring the Trincomalee natural harbour as a warm water naval base. When the Soviets hesitated and then totally withdrew in 1983-1984 after Mikhael Gorbachev came into power, the LTTE started to look elsewhere for alternative support.

Since none of the then sponsors on terrorism such as Iran, Libya, North Korea, expressed any great interest in the Sri Lankan role in an international game, then the PLO and the Tamil Nadu decided to help train the initial batches of LTTE Terrorists with some financial support emanating from the Tamils in India. When General Sharon led Lebanese militia entered several of the PLO terrorist training camps in Shatilla, several dozen LTTE Tamil terrorist trainees were captured. Such bases were the models later adapted by the Al Qaeda terrorists.

Now the game plan has changed. September 11th turned the tide. For organisations such as PLO or ETA, the American financial base is not that important as it is to the Tamil terrorism led LTTE. Much of the financial resources for the LTTE terror campaigns are generated by the Diaspora in USA, Canada, Australia, EU. And when several of these countries froze the bank accounts of LTTE support organisations, the flow of funds slowed down to a trickle. Of course, one has to understand that Dr. Anton Balasingham has to brag that USA and Canada have not effectively closed the door on the flow of funds. This is part of the propaganda rhetoric with a twin objective, one, to save its face and the second, to create some dissent.

The decision on this major policy must be laid at the feet of the Sri Lankan electorate. The voters must be allowed to decide on the fate of the Island and the effects on its people. This is not a matter which the Prime Minister or the Executive President may decide by themselves. Or for a Terrorist organisation made up of a large number of unwanted guests who have overstayed their welcome.

The President CBK should stop pussy footing and dissolve Parliament within the prescribed period to hold a National Referendum simultaneously with Parliamentary elections.

And let the people of Sri Lanka decide if the Island should be left alone as one singular State or massacred into a million bits!




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