Dissolution Of Parliament Is Not Implementable Purely On Prime Ministerial Whim.

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Its about time the Hon. Prime Minister and his band of optimistic politico buddies were rudely awoken to the reality that regardless of all their hoo haaing about dissolving Parliament, it is a constitutional and legal impossibility and a matter whose ultimate authority rests only in the vested powers of the President alone.So mercifully the devastating expense of some 1 Billion+ Rupees expense which is the likely cost of another General Election is a mere hypothesis and wishful thinking and not implementable purly on prime Ministerial whim!.

The Peoples Alliance has judiciously and rather humorously pointed out that the Prime Minister, quote" is a mere peon" end quote, in the words of the PA Media Spokesperson who has suggested that he is better equipped to dissolve his cabinet,and himself if he so chooses and has raised a few laughs in Parliament and within the country! Of course Mr. Wickremasinghe caught up in the Uncle Nephew syndrome which constitutes the present day UNP has only his late uncle and former President J.R. Jayawardena to thank for the impossibility of dissolving Parliament at his discretion, Jayawardena having been one of the Founding Fathers of the present day Constitution.

Like the incongruous LTTE who have a tendency to implement their own standards, pseudo legislation and mock the order of a Democratic State the latest posturing of the UNP is likened by many observers to a manner of high handed arrogance regardles of whether or not there is a Constitution set in place and that there are certain rules and regulations which they as the ruling party are also obligated to abide by and not within their jurisdiction to pre-empt.

That the UNP and its UNF Alliance are fast becoming insecure about their future and their continuity is becoming rather apparent through their recent posturings as the key ingredient to their will becoming mandated over all else, namely the vital two thirds majority is beyond their grasp and hardly likely to be presented to them so the rhetoric that permeates withinthe land is meaningless beyond the psychological effect it may have amongst a partisan proportion of the pro UNP throng and excluding the rest of the population which exceeds it astronomically.

Faced with the dilema of instability, a dwindling farce of a Peace Process totally lacking in integrity towards the safety of the Nation and the well being of its economy the Wickremasinge Administration has even resorted to the proclamation of a suspected "Coup d' Etat!" as a smoke screen like diversion to distract attention from their misgivings in an attempt to justify a disruption of administrative proceedings and an attempt at fresh election which may just turn tables on their very existence based on the unpredictability of the voting public more than likely to be disillusioned about the State of the Nation, the muderous cost of living , increased lawlesness and the inability of the Administration to really deliver the needs of its citizens regardless of all their hollow promises as they are fully well aware that as long as the vermin calling themselves the LTTE continue to exist as an entity the progress of the Nation could be a figment of the imagination.

The Peoples Alliance are fully aware of the impasse another General Elections would create before a feasible time depending on a practical need for it and are seeking other constitutional and democratic means to resolve the Nation's woes unlike the UNP/UNF Alliance clutching at straws in their do or die attempt to justify their existence in a climate that is fast becoming apprehensive of the destructive force the LTTE have always been as there has been no denouncement of their true objectives to this very date although headed in the direction surely of their demise as the long arm of justice awaits them.

A dissolution of Parliament cannot be a consideration as being a viable or affordable option for the President in the present state of the Nation's economy regardless of its implications on the political scenario within the Nation especially the future of the Wickremasinghe Administration but neither will it be realistically implementable in keeping with the Constitution and the Laws of the Land unless anarchy raises its ugly head and that too a near impossibility.



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