On Thamilchelvam's Far Fetched Remarks To The BBC In His Characteristic Style, Demanding Universal De-Proscription Of The LTTE .

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Thamilchelvam who depends on LTTE ' Supremo Notorioso' Velupillai Prabhakaran for his daily bread appears to have been well pumped up by his desperate consorts such as the equally notorious Anton Balasingham and in his characteristic style has made rather biased and far fetched remarks to the BBC about Sri Lanka's apathetic example of de-proscribing the LTTE being noteworthy of recognition by the rest of the countries who also proscribed them.

He has had the affront to mention that the LTTE has done no wrong to these countries and that the proscription was based purely on an intense diplomatic campaign of false propaganda by the PA Administration at the time and seems to have forgotten that the LTTE almost destroyed the Nation's economy, desecrated places of religious worship and devastated the lives of many prominent personalities of high office, decent law abiding citizens whose existences were snuffed out nedlessly in the carnage which continued for over two decades and set in motion the concept of suicide bombings and consorting , aiding and abetting almost all terrorists around the world while earning themselves the title " The most dangerous terrorist group in the world" so has Thamilchelvam been resurrected towards becoming an authority of righteousness for a pathetic band of ruthless panderers and killers whose notoriety has had global ramifications?

To set the record straight, Thamilchelvam too surely has a date with destiny being considered the second 'Big Honcho' a.k.a. Second In Command to Prabhakaran in the LTTE Organization. When the wheels of the carriage of justice will surely be set in motion with India holding the reins of the carriage it will be a matter of time before their apprehension and extradition to stand trial for their crimes against humanity and in particular their part in the assassination of the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. As a priority Thamilchelvam should be more concerned about the preparation of his brief and that of his ignominious leader towards a tribunal of war crimes rather than shoot his mouth off to the BBC who sometimes have been called the Biased Broadcasting Corporation ever ready to carry out their propaganda roles on behalf of the LTTE for reasons best known to themselves.

Rather curiously the almost pious sounding dialogue of Thamilchelvam has conveniently avoided the issue of sincerity by the LTTE towards denouncing their objectives for secession or the laying down of arms which should have been included in his 'sermon of piety' and has chosen to praise the Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration's "courage and the strength of will" regarding the issue of peace negotiations which they turned down when presented in an almost identical format by the PA Administration which leads many to believe in the possible existence of a pre-meditated secret pact between Ranil Wickremasinghe and the LTTE where the betrayal of the Sinhala Nation to its adversaries seems inevitable, perhaps inadvertently so yet plausible, despite the coverups set in place by the likes of Ministers Tyronne Fernando, and Tilak Marapone who sing like canaries and always a different tune depending on whom they are singing to and disgustingly so.

There are no apologies of intent in informing Thamilchelvam that his wishful thinking about a Global Response towards debanning the LTTE based on the misguided and misplaced decisions of the Wickremasinghe Administration is a No No! and he should also be made aware that the present debanning of the LTTE could be more than likely be a very temporary one unless a genuine indication is made to assure the Sinhala Nation that its rights as a Majority have to be asserted and that there will never be a disruption of their lives ever again through the attrocities of past infamy, probably a hard pill to swallow.






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