Maheswaran's Demand For The Removal Of Armed Forces ILL Conceived and Mythical

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So the Members of Parliament of Jaffna District, under the leadership of Mr. Maheswaran have called upon the Government to withdraw all Security Forces from the Jaffna peninsula, dismantle all Security Zones and allow settlement of the so-called displaced people in these areas ?. "Sure Mr Maheswaran!" and the Government is meekly standing by just waiting for him to to go one step further and politely inquire of him whether he would like the rest of Sri Lankas Armed Forces too to be dismantled so that his LTTE goons could march forwards in quest for Eelam while the Sinhala Nation watches on!

Now if this isn't wishful thinking on the gentleman's part he probably has an intimidatory cloud over his head in the form of friendly coercion, shall we say, a gentle bit of arm twisting by his LTTE buddies to make this rather ignorant proclamation at a time when statements of this nature could indeed be deemed provocative!

The rather thick headed Maheswaran has had the affront to make such a demand when the key response to the Issue of Peace has been met with a vehement non acceptance of secession and it must be made clear to him and the rest of the aspirants still taking a devious route towards the LTTE goal of eelam and making no bones about it that they are up a dead end street in case they have illusions about continuing their rhetoric towards any viable means.

Now it has been insidiously hinted with dank subtlety that in the event that these wishes are not acceded to "They" probably meaning the LTTE or the band of parliamentary representation in the North which includes Maheswaran "Would Take The Next Appropriate Step Along With The People's Participation" and high talk of an almost threatening nature for such a puny personality within a den of lions regardless of his 'tiger' sympathetic dialogue which cannot be tolerated within the confines of the Unitary State of Sri Lanka! and regardless of the fact that there is presently a weak kneed Prime Minister who has been jumping high to most of the LTTE demands in his ill conceived direction for peace where he has completely by-passed the core issues vital to the Sinhala Nation.

Unfortunately for Mr Maheswaran's sentiments Sri Lanka still happens to be a Unified Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations which provides no charter for his fanciful thinking and nor does it accommodate the viles of any terrorist group backing him whether or not their presentations allegedly represent the Tamil Community as a whole (A far fetched idealogy to say the least) as it would be totally unacceptable for the rest of the Nation.

While there are no means either through loose jargon or subtle indtimidation to circumvent the reality of world scrutiny on the Sri Lankan Saga especially that of the Super Powers which have in fact instilled the 'Fear of Moses' into the LTTE enough to change their tactics and modus operandi in a manner deceptive enough for the present administration Only! the erstwhile aspirations of Maheswaran have to be scoffed at and snufffed out in the event that their ambitions prove to further threaten the Security, Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka which is exactly what the incongruous Maheswaran seems to be aiming at.

My learned colleage Mr A.A.M.Nizam that fine journalist and patriotic son of Lanka from Matara has accurately observed quote "Ever since the terrorist gang changed their strategy subsequent to the failure to achieve their goal through continuous armed struggle and due to the post September 11 Adverse International Environment, they have employed various clandestine means to accomplish their objective on a step by step basis without any reversal. The obnoxious MOU forced upon the Sri Lankan government by the Norwegians was a great impetus for their forward march in this trek. Forcible use of school children and their parents for display of might, ostentation of thuggery, and humiliation of government forces brought manifold successes for them" end quote. Maheswaran is simply endorsing the accuracy of these observations and needs to be reminded of his responsibilities towards the Nation as a representative in Parliament which was not convened under the auspices of the terrorist group the LTTE nor the single vision of a minority.
The Government was impotent and had no backbone to reject any of their demand whatever adverse the consequences were. Following their continuous and unimpeded successes they have now embarked on a major programme of completely cleansing North and East from the presence of Sri Lankan armed forces, described in Prabhakaran's annual speeches as the alien force occupying their homeland. The Minister of Hindu Affairs, and the UNP Member of Parliament for Jaffna Mr. Mahesvaran has assumed the leadership for implementing this programme, for the terrorist gang" he very correctly observes!

Maheswarans's rhetoric which speaks for a cell of undesirables within the Nation and has the aura of a distinctly non benevolent nature and detrimental to its well being as a Unitary State needs to be surely confronted for a confirmation of its accuracy and effectively dealt with if true at least on behalf of the vast numbers of lives needlessly lost through the ultimate sacrifice of those who laid down their lives fighting to defend Sri Lanka against the LTTE as their dedication must never be forgotten.

The Armed forces with no compunctions nor distractions have a bounden right Constitutionally Decreed and with Presidential backing to guard every inch of Sri Lanka's Territory regardless of the motley ambits of a handful of terrorist supported non-entities whose definition of territorial rights appear to be a mere figment of their imagination and could jeapordize not only the rights of the Sinhala Nation but also those of the Tamil together with the other minorities which form an integral part of Sri Lanka and by this definition alone Maheswaran's posturing towards the removal of the Armed Forces from the North seems ill conceived and mythical !







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