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The Venerable Dr. Rahula Thera from the USA asks "What Is The Rationality Behind The Sri Lankan Govt's Present Attitude Towards the LTTE' and the most plausible and rational answer to the Ven. Dr.'s question is "Little Or Nothing Except A High Risk Gamble" and the fact that the Prime Minister together with his supportive caucases literally have "The Tigers By Their Tails" and are afraid to let go!

Truly the need for National Peace is vital and imperative considering the continued sufferings of the Sri Lankan People regardless of ethnicities but leaning heavily in favour of the majority Singhalese who have suffered so much purely by being in a majority and in general there seems to be a calmer atmosphere within the land since the mutual ceasefire was launched in December 2001 and there certainly seems to be freer access to areas previously inaccessible and the movement of goods and supplies to most areas within the Island which has catapulted a favourable response from International Traders and Financial Institutions but as Rev. Dr. Rahula wisely asks "why the haste and the need to appease a band of ruthless terrorists proscribed Globally? with a confidence devoid of evidence towards their sincerity and hence devoid of rationality and farsightedness".

Without a doubt, regardless of speculation. there exist vast numbers of the Nation's population still very circumspect and cautious about the sudden surge of empathy by the Wickremasinghe Administration (or was it very subtly concealed in the suspected MOU with the LTTE as proclaimed by the PA in its Election Pitch!) towards the LTTE in the manner of a runaway train with faulty brakes and in the event of the need to come to a sudden halt the likelihood of a derailment seems more than likely and what will the repercussions be? It appears to be a blind optimism which may or may not promote a lasting peace where the risk involved might not be worth taking in the event that communications break down and could project the terrorists towards returning to their arms and armaments which they have been replenishing and fortifying rather blatantly taking advantage of the ceasefire and the blind eye of the Armed Forces acting specifically on 'Orders'!.

There is hardly a need for sophisticated calculations as to the real intent of the LTTE in as far as their call for peace is concerned! they simply are a band of Internationally proscribed terrorists on the run from authority who believe that the Peace Initiative is their ticket to freedom. That the blind vision of Norway and its supporters believe otherwise, is mind boggling and perplexing where nothing has been said about reprisals and justice for the LTTE's past crimes against humanity and their concerted efforts to disrupt a Democratically Elected Administration and hence A Sovereign Nation and the world looks on in disbelief at the double standard and conflicts of interest as the occassion suits which the Sri Lankan Administration projects in wooing the LTTE. A rather apathetic state of affairs to say the least.

Rationalities aside, the burning question which is fast becoming larger than life is the likelihood (given their track record) of the LTTE pre-empting every option towards peace once they are convinced that they have accompished the weakening of the Sri Lankan Guard. As the Ven. Dr. says" Obviously a more deadly LTTE attack is looming and they are preparing themselves better than ever for such an attack!"He goes on to say" The visible sea remains unusually calm when a violent tempest gathers momentum at a distance but when the storm reached the shore, one witnessed its immense power and vast destruction" and this is no speculation but a reality which has RECURRED in Sri Lanka.

Positively in hindsight while quoting Ven. Dr. Rahula Thera, the prologue could very well be scribed that " The Sri Lankan Government's Defences In Returning To War Measures Could Easily Define Them As The Much Weaker Side" as in short the recent conduct of the Sri Lanakan Government has offered the tigers every facility to continue their war with more success"

The sooner the Administration sheds their image as dreamers, that the LTTE do not represent the Entire Tamil Community and pays heed to the wisdom of wise sages omnipotent in their proclamations regarding the dangers involved in reckless collaborations with ruthless miscreants whose objectives and demands have remained crystal clear regardless of their rhetoric, the better.

Metaphorically, the Sage goes on to say that the tigers are preparing for a more organized war even if the Government accedes to all their demands and very understandably so while disassociating from the metaphor and aligning with reality, as there has been no talk of the decommissioning of weapons. (The token dismantling of LTTE land mines being rather comical as their percentage could easily be camouflaged in their favour) Their recruitment drives have shown unusual signs of being on the increase according to observers and Agencies such as Amnesty International and others which have even indicated child recruitment.

Does the Nation have to pay a needless price due to speculative investments and a 'Carte Blanche" mentality of an Administration careening towards the inevitable eventuality of renewed destruction and horror involving a terrorist entity, should it continue unabated in granting the many concessions which basically are an open invitation towards their objectives.

While endorsing the wisdom of The Ven. Dr. Rahula Thera, it is hoped that the Nation would rise up to the urgency of his call.


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