Does The Peace MoU Provide A Ticket Of Freedom For The LTTE ?

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It's all smiles and handshakes in the La La Land of the MoUs and very convincing talk of normalcy returning to the Nation, arterial links between Colombo and Jaffna being re-opened, land mines being incapacitated, consumer goods being shipped to previously embargoed areas and all the fanfare less the magul bera and kiribath to the blowing of conch shells as the highflown rhetoric between the UNF and the LTTE bathes Sri Lanka with great expectancy and most interestingly there comes a profound declaration from the LTTE Leader together with his accolades and what he terms "the historic nature of the end to hostilities", wonderful in the interim and sweet music as it sounds, in the ears of the fatigued and embattled Nation but does it also mean that the horrendous crimes against the Nation over decades by their heinous perpetrators led by Prabhakaran will be forgiven and go unaccounted for and unpunished ?

The many attacks which destroyed almost beyond repair, Key Public and Private Institutions, Airport, Railway and Bus Terminals, Telecommunications Facilities,Trade Centres, Oil Depots, Roads, Bridges, Places of Historic Significance and Religious Worship and most importantly precious human lives of prominent as well as ordinary citizens all of which bears testimony to the singlemost important fact that needs to be addressed as an aftermath of a return to peace and the question asked "When Will The Bringing To Justice Of The Criminals Responsible For Them Begin?" or is the UNF Administration already planning to sweep them under the carpet, soft peddle in confronting them or even forget about them?

That the horrors and attrocoties the LTTE indulged in need to be vindicated through the only means to do so in a civilized society, by the usage of the Criminal Justice System through a War Crimes Tribunal, seems perfectly in order on a parallel which must be drawn with Post War Germany, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Chechnia, Ruwanda and the rest of the World's Nations which utilizes International Statutes set in place by the War Crimes Tribunal to implement punitive action and bring to justice those responsible for crimes against humanity, especially those related to ethnic cleansing, and massacres of innocent civilians the attempted destruction of a Sovereign Nation and the assassinations of prominent Heads of State and the brave soldiers who died defending their Motherland, so the expectancy within moral norms that the LTTE and its leadership are no exceptions to the rule and need to be brought to justice should be a foregone conclusion and an obligation to the Democratic World after the dust has settled!.

In a sense this would pose a dilemma to the UNF Administration who now have the tigers literally by the tail yet are unable to let go and the Honorable Prime Minister together with his caucases appear to have a long and winding road ahead. Foremost is how they would go about resolving their moral obligations to the Nation through justice in memory of all those who paid the ultimate price at the hands of the LTTE, the economic catastrophes and the setbacks Sri Lanka was confronted with and the hinderances to Her economic progress through the draining of financial reserves which were augmented purely through LTTE design albeit Administrative Lapses and regardless of pundits such as Prof. GL Peiris the great impressario of the coverup scenario and Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando who beleives in the power of distraction to offset unresolved issues staring the Nation in the face through contradictions, these are hard facts which the Wickremasinghe Administration will have to deal with in the very near future and a probable ultimate test on the strength of their resolve and objectives towards the best interests of the Nation.

The Tamil Community indeed are totally deserving of the restoration of normalcy to their lives and the ability to return to their abodes and previously inhabited areas, as do the many displaced Sinhala Populace also displaced due to the conflict and theirs' is a foremost priority but there can be no hiding under a bushel those responsible for tearing apart and disrupting their normal lives through totalitarian megalomaniac led armed insurrection where The Long Arm Of Justice awaits them as their Nemesis and a reality regardless of Peace Accords and Ceasefires which the Administration has aligned itself must also incorporate the addressing of justice towards posterity .



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