Interpol Bulletin Invalidates Viability Of The Peace Process and MoU.

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Here then is an EYE OPENER just in case the Ranil wickremasinghe Administration needs assurances that their projected empathies towards the LTTE need further confirmation that they are dealing with an Organisation headed by th Devil's Disciple himself. In case it has been 'inadvertently' overlooked, this is one of the many postings conveying the criminality of the individual under scrutiny and one which carries beyond any reasonable doubt that the Government of Sri Lanka is conducting a misguided campaign with the LTTE by way of the loosely worded MoU projecting the Ceasefire and Peace Process which lends no credence to logic as the head of the Organisation they are dealing with is an Internationally Sought After Criminal together with his consorts now pretending mendaciously to take up the veil of contrite relentment and remorse for their past sins realistically unacceptable by way of sheer insincerity.

What justifications could the LTTE present for the attrocities which have laid waste a Sovereign Nation its economy, innocent lives, assassinated a vast number of prominent Leaders including A Former Prime Minister of India, A former President of Sri Lanka and a near miss assassination attempt of the present President who lost the vision of an eye.

There are also alarming reports of the eventuality of de-proscription of the LTTE according to various Pro LTTE News Organs some of which have even mentioned rather boldly that the date of de-proscription has been assured and confirmed by the Prime Minister as being the 1st of May 2002 which if it carries a semblance of truth does add to his detriment the already growing doubts of the Sinhala Nation that this indeed is not a deliverer of the Nation and on the contrary is taking on the guise of a betrayer and a panderer to his own needs rather than that of the Nation.

There can be be no complicity with the LTTE in granting them assurances or immunity which would prevent their leadership and consorts from being indicted for crimes against Humanity and a Sovereign Nation as the ultimate eventuality in the like manner of all war criminals before them is to be brought to justice and regardless of the rhetoric that the Government is indulging itself in by way of the MoU and Peace Agreement which is a TRAVESY OF JUSTICE totally inconsistent with the norms and parameters which govern a Sovereign Nation.

In the best interests of Sovereign Sinhala Sri Lanka conscious of all of its populace which incorporates also its minorities entitled to equal rights there can be no realistic peace or normalcy returning to the Nation through consorting with criminals with a terrible guilt and innocent blood on their hands as depicted by the Interpol Bulletin which follows and its imperative that the Government re-thinks its strategies and re-defines its objectives directed towards appeasing the Sinhala Nation synonymously with the needs and security of the Tamil Community whose undivided support may be required to firstly denounce affiliations with the LTTE and affirm the need to apprehend all war criminals within its rank and file to ensure a Lasting and Realistic Peace as it would be insidiously apathetic to ignore the stark statistics presented in this Bulletin as it Invalidates the Viability Of The Peace Process and MoU considering whom it deals with.


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