The Concept Of De-Proscription and De-Banning LTTE Could Be Dangerous.

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The sudden change of heart by the UNF to de-proscribe and lift LTTE bans as well as the latest supportive idealogies by the President and the Maha Sangha towards the relaxation of impositions set in place after the terror attacks of September the 11th and in conjunction with the parliamentary accords against the accumulated attrocities of the LTTE committed over decades which were a long time coming would be a grave error and could set a precedent which could easily propagate an international mood for the justification of terrorism which might end up spreading to all corners of the globe where the problem of terrorism exists and a very dangerous prospect indeed!.

Whether it be the LTTE, ( the IRA being an exception in having entered into a dialogue of sincere relentment of idealogies and weapons de-commissioning ) , Hamas, Abu Sayyak, ETTA, Kashmiri Militants, Sikh Separatists, Maoist Rebels, Zapatista's etc. etc. the implication would be the same, letting them off the hook and the displacement of a principle set in place for the very purpose of eradicating terrorism and bastardizing it beyond all norms as the confrontation between a free and democratic society and terrorists whose only objective is to create and propagate chaos through armed insurrection and leaves no justification for proclaiming the freedom of the terrorists concerned as they are nothing but terrorists. The only conditions permissible towards the redemption of terrorism, that too very relative to a few key factors imperative to the survival of a sovereignity, is through rehabilitation, the laying down of weapons and a denouncement of their objectives in a genuine attempt to merge into mainstream society which the LTTE in no way at any stage of the current Peace Initiatives have indicated and hence the hollow meanderings through the verbal banter of the Wickremasinghe Administration should cease before it gets out of control and causes further confusion within an already confused Nation.

Taking into consideration the arrogant stand of the LTTE and their demands which seem to augment in intensity with each passing day and at times contain veiled threats by the likes of spokespeople such as Thamilchelvam and Balasingham amongst others, it would be foolhardy on the part of the Government to ever consider de-proscription and lifting of bans, instead of maintaining whatever stranglehold it has on the LTTE which should be tightened relentlessly and the ringleaders of the organization sought after by Interpol and India apprehended and handed over to face the consequences of crimes against humanity.

Somehow there seems to be a certain apprehension on the part of the Wickremasinghe Administration towards maintaining the integrity of the Sinhala Nation either through coercion or by choice as the stark evidence of the potential of the LTTE to resume their attrocities are not only proclaimed through their voice engines on public platforms as of late but stare the Nation in the face on a daily basis and there can logically be no remedial action by way of de-proscription or de- banning as the concession to demands and the balance of power to their advantage which would then result by way of LTTE interpretation could have frightening ramifications and reprisals for the Nation.Is this then a gamble the Administration is willing to take at the expense of the Sinhala Nation?


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