A Call to good thinking Tamils & Sinhalese

This is from the Good Srilankan living in Canada. Let us move forward our good thinking, which will bring peace & prosper at the time of Peace talk between the Srilankan Government & the LTTE. We are supposed to be well educated as per our Srilankan standards ( Tamil / Sinhalese ), so what are we doing.

1). Make a move all Srilankan Tamil / Sinfhalese, where we could help a Srilankan who cant even have a meal a day by Investintg in Srilanka / by way of Business or by Investing. How much money we have, we cant eat more than 3 times a day.

2). We may have a 6 Bedroom house in Canada / USA, and a Mercedes Benz in front of our houses. Is there a chance to heaven when we die. Or what is the assurance that a Tamil / Singalese will be after death, a human being. The way we are heading, I thing will lead to nothing.

3). We human beings are lacking, even the feelings of an animal in the forest.

4). Being a Tamil I have seen a lot of good in my Sinhalese friends.

5). Let us help the Prime Minister of Srilanka Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe who wants to see peace in the Island Nation in the Indian Ocean. I was so sad to see a Sinhalese friend to reply with all sorts of comments on the Wakeup call to all good thing Sinhalese people.

A Good Srilankan Living in Canada.





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