Here comes another Laugh! The Voice of Tigers Seeks Official Countrywide Radio Broadcasting

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And the laughable thing about it is that UNF Government Sources are considering the request in its continuing wave of incongruous concessions to the LTTE rather than work towards dismantling them as a threat to the very existence of the Sinhala Nation.It must be hammered into the numbskull mentality of the Administration that there can be no concessions of the nature of Nationwide Broadcasting EVER being considered towards a terrorist group which is gradually getting their onward march towards their objectives into motion as this will be a foolish move on the part of the Government which may have dire ramifications in the near future! The preposterous notion of granting a broadcasting licence to the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam had to be quelled and disposed of immediately as the consequences of such an action could prove disastrous to the Nation !

In the annals of Sri Lankan Political History there has never been a greater display of apathy on the part of a Government bending over backwards to the extent they are now doing to substantiate a flimsy Peace Accord and short of handing over the Nation on a platter to the terrorist demands they have all but given into their bartering completely which has virtually juxtaposed Sri Lanka alongside the dream of Tamil Eelam already being portrayed in the North East as quasi existent and where does the Wickremasinghe Administration believe it is headed? and how does it think the Sinhala Nation in unity will be reacting to what can be termed rank indiscretion by the Government casting aside greater needs and combined with a stupidity beyond all norms.

Yet ludicrously enough there have been rumbles from the office of the Prime Minister that there may be a possibility that the LTTE could use a National Broadcasting Link to their advantage in propagating their idealogies and that it could prove to be a calculated risk in granting a licence so why consider an anomaly which could turn out to be totally unwise and detrimental to the Nation? and why bicker about it?

It appears that the LTTE are really pushing their luck a trifle too far and their short lived succeses may not have any long term benefits for them if their push towards securing their establishment continues. This is no genuine attempt to merge into mainstream society or dedicate their efforts towards Nation Building as it is becoming painfully obvious that they have never given up their demands and probably never will as recently proclaimed by their idealogues and spokespersons Thamilchelvam and Balasingham.

True enough tha masses of displaced people are gradually moving back to their abodes in droves ever since there was even a hint of a return to normalcy but they are not represented realistically (PERHAPS FORCIBLY) by an entity such as the LTTE whose intent is much darker and deeper rooted rather than the mere mundane needs of the poor impoverished people who were displaced in the first place through the ignominy and ruthlessness of the LTTE themselves

The Administration in the meantime needs to be jarred into the reality that there can be no further compromising of the Nation any more than has been done already and that there could be a furious backlash against its apathetic considerations towards the LTTE which surely and in so doing jeapordizes even the identity of the Sinhala Nation whose right to exist has been carved in stone! by the Founding Fathers of the Nation and something which no one , least of all a group of outcast terrorists have a right to ursurp!

Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, naturalized Indians, Afghans, Chinese and others as part of the multicultural mosaic of Sri Lanka will never approve even hypothetically the right of an infamous terrorist organization to broadcast as part of a National Network as the very concept is not in keeping with any norms of logic and a prevarication of the normal order which needs to be maintained so desperately to ensure stability within Sri Lanka.

The concept in short should never even be considered!!






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