Prof. Hudson McLean

Can there be a "Meeting of Minds"? as Mr. R. Chadrasoma has asked and followed with an apt response.

Another alternative to a similar question might be, "if there are ten apples to a kilo gram, how many bananas to a kilometre?" And the answer given by the famous English comedian late Benny Hill was, "Depends on the size".

Sounds illogical, silly and crazy. Just as the question, Whether the Tamil Terrorist LTTE should be de-proscribed and de-banned, prior to talks?, whenever or wherever they are going to be held!

Illogical. It is an accepted principle, since time was invented that, once a criminal is convicted, by a group of well respected democratically elected governments after serious deliberation, until or, if and when an appeal is heard, the conviction stays.

No criminal justice system in the world will accept a demand with threats from a convicted criminal that, prior to any further discussions of an appeal, the sentence be revoked. And is the mighty RanilW running behind a convicted criminal group, trying to rewrite universally accepted legalities? First the SLG went begging asking every concievable State to de-proscribe the LTTE. And now after the Tiger was given an anesthetic prior to castration, RanilW would like to stop the surgery.

Whatever Dr Anton Balasingham and "General" Prabhakaran might demand, RanilW must have the backbone to stand erect and say, "Only after successful negotiations!" Otherwise the LTTE Terrorists will present the next string of demands. This will surmount to a never ending string with other strings attached. Like chasing the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The LTTE should be grateful that the current Sri Lankan government has taken the bold initial step of agreeing to talk with an internationally declared bunch of terrorists. Although the President of Sri Lanka CBK took the other extreme view, HE in her stubbornness, stood her ground firm. CBK deserves credit on her firm line, on principles.

Since LTTE confirmed through the Norwegians that they would participate in peace negotiations without any preconditions, RanilW should hold the Vikings responsible. Erik Solheim represents the Norwegian government, hence the Norwegian government must be held responsible for all communications from the LTTE.

After the preliminary talks, subject to a mutually acceptable agenda within a set time table, then RanilW may invoke a temporary time related de-proscription and de-ban, during the final stages of negotiations. The temporary de-proscription and the de-banning will automatically expire either on reaching an acceptable solution or at the end of the pre set time scale. If the results are positive, then the SLG may appeal to other governments to de-proscribe the LTTE for a period of one year at a time.

It is painfully obvious that LTTE has no intention or never had any intentions to conclude a peaceful solution to their impractical and unconstitutional demands of a State within a State. This is no ethnic conflict. The LTTE is simply trying to use an excuse, a series of incidents which occurred some twenty years ago to arrive at a selfish commercial solution purely for the personal financial gains of a few at the top of the LTTE ladder.

Prior to committing to a final plan, the government should present the main points to the electorate, in fact a referendum, as a matter of principle and transparency. Let the citizens decide!

First of all, RanilW must accept his first priority is to the electorate which put him in the PM's driving seat. Second, he has to maintain a level of dignity in the eyes of the international community as a leader who is fair, flexible, firm and would not cave into threats and demands of an internationally recognised group of murderous thugs. The LTTE is universally known for their connivance with the leading international terrorist groups, narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, illegal freight forwarding, blackmail, money laundering, extorsion ...the list goes on.........

Winston S. Churchill would have never received any accolades or recognition, as a great leader with tons of credibility, had he shaken hands with Adolf Hitler to reach a solution to the WW2 by selling half the Kingdom of Great Britain. Those who shook hands with Emperor Bokassa, Idi Amin or Slobodan Milosovic wish that day when they shook hands with such despots is written off the history books.

And our great RanilW will make a silly ass of himself in front of all the major governments with whom he and CBK pleaded in vain for several years to apply proscription on LTTE. And RanilW must be fully aware that the proscription of the LTTE was not due to the persuasive powers of RanilW or those of Prof. G.L. Peries, but only due to the WTC Twin Towers disaster.

Today the global winds are in favour of those who tread on the ugly unacceptable face of terrorism. And the LTTE are fully aware of this fact. And for RanilW, he will get only one chance either to make or break the impasse, since his old comrade Anura B is waiting in the wings to claim his heritage.

A simple advice to RanilW - "Do not repeat what the previous UNP leaders have done to shame the essential principles of safeguarding the rights of the Sinhala. Even the hint of a sellout will spell the beginning of the end of RanilW, once and for all.

And to those creeps who send me viruses with "Blessings from the Sangha", - You have failed!


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