What Has Happened To The Sri Lankan Cricketers?

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Call it a game of chance, call it a testing of skills between bowler, batsman and fielder but whatever the definition, it does not seem to favour The Sri Lankans in England as misfortunes and confusion continue to dog them and many are beginning to wonder whether a complete purging of the once mighty Sri Lankan Cricket Machine is in order.

To speculate on the lack of astute leadership may seem obvious though somewhat futile considering the in depth talent of the Sri Lankans which is common knowledge and a cause for apprehension even in the mind of English Skipper Hussain who had great trepidations about the Lankans prior to the commencement of the tour but aided ably by the approach of gamesmanship and disruptive tactics usually employed by the Brits ( who somehow come up with trumps over Sri Lanka) they have humbled time and time again and one cannot help feeling sorry for this star studded array of Lankans who give their hearts towards the game but is there something wrong in the Lankan camp? Has the Kandy Perahera had an imposing influence on the boys minus the elephants(in lighter vein!) who seem to be their opposite numbers and what on earth has transformed these world beaters into the shoddy epitome of negative cricket they presently appear to be in the listless manner they parade from the pavilion to the middle and back before one can say "Jack Robinson" ?

Have the Lankans depended too long on famous last names such as Muralitharan, de Silva, Tillekeratne, Dharmasena and most importantly Ranatunga a name synonymous with killer instinct , a love for the jugular and the will to win using the brilliance of the players to his dazzling perception and advantage of what it takes to be victorious !

One thing's for sure! it will be back to the drawing boards again for the Lankans as they might face the ignominy of being humbled by the Bangladeshis and the Zimbaweans should the rot continue without being stemmed( probably highly unlikely!) but just in case the unforeseen eventuality occurs the future then for their administrative as well as coaching staff would appear to be rather bleak .What results have the big bucks being paid to the coach and specialist staff justified as of late other than a continued rash of defeats with hardly a fight?

Although despair seems to be creeping in on the Sri Lankan fans that their champions are fading. all may not be lost if a few simple manouvres are made to set in place the order that is needed to reach winning status such as a replacement of the captaincy, shuffling of the batting order with Arnold as an obvious choice for one opening berth and the provision for new talent to take the place of the old order as there seem to be many brilliant young players knocking on the door and now seems to be very appropriate to try out a few who have been overlooked either through neglect or favouritism as the case is darkly hinted at by the critics and once again the Sri Lankan Lions should be on the rampage!


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