LTTE Leader Makes Yet Another Bit For 'Carte Blanche' Forgetting His Status.

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According to recent reports in the Hindustan Times of India LTTE's Velupillai Prabakharan has made rather obnoxious demands of the Sri Lankan Presidency and the Administration Once again Prabakharan seems to have forgotten his 'status' as a much sought after Public Enemy by the Indian Authorities, Interpol and The Government Of Sri Lanka albeit the pro-tem nature of his tolerated presence conceded to him by Norway and the nearsighted Sri Lankan Administration who should in reality be dealing with all sides of his multiple personality especially the mendacious side with a very cautious approach rather than entertaining his meanderings, all the while co-relating to the much more prioritised issues needing resolution especially the needs of the suffering population and the restoration of a normal order without trepidations about LTTE threats who are bound to pay their dues eventually before a World Tribunal.

Prabakharan has arrogantly demanded the President's attestation of ceasefires and has rather churlishly mumbled that only his representative would sign any ceasefire agreements if the President did not agree to signing, as though it may have an adverse effect on the already comical scenario being enacted between the LTTE and the Government of Sri Lanka who appear to be caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea at this juncture groping their way through decision making where the sheer theatrics of it all seems all but ludicrous.

If analogies were to be drawn between Prabakharan and Slobodan Milasovich of the former Yugoslavian Republic, both egocentric megalomaniacs in their own right as well as being war criminals, the justice being meted out to Milasovich presently being tried for crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Hague, Netherlands should very deservedly be identically the same for Prabakharan rather than him being accorded any concessions, preferential treatment and least of all the freedom of movement to participate in Peace Negotiations, the only snag being the inability of the authorities to apprehend him for just this purpose or possibly their reluctance to do so as interpreted by many observers.

The very fact that Prabakharan has made rather insidious demands for a Presidential signature for the continuation of the ceasefire, the freedom of movement for 'Fishermen' (possibly LTTE cadre in disguise) in Northern and Eastern waters and the accessibility for the same(LTTE Cadre) in an unarmed capacity ( one surmises whether attired in loin cloths in order to establish their bona fides in not concealing weapons although that too is questionable!!) into Government controlled Areas suggest a rather conspiratorial manoeuvre in order to catch the now all trusting Government and its Defences unawares and the alternatives he seems to be providing in the event of a negative response seems imposing and of a threatening nature.

Would the Government on the insistence of this individual who had projected absolute carnage and destruction on so many innocent civilians, members of the Security Forces , Public and Private Property, commit the ultimate sacrilege of providing 'Carte Blanche' to his demands? A chilling thought when the ramifications and possible reprisals of the move are considered and hopefully, one which in all wisdom would never be entertained in the best interests of Sovereign Sri Lanka.


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