Mirza Ghafoor Jeddah. Saudi Arabia.

I fully endorse the sentimens expressed in your columns on captioned subject by Dharmasena Rajapakse from Abu Dhabi. Wonder for how long the poor masses in Sri Lankan will continue reading these same stories again and again whichever party comes to power.

To the long list justifiably outlined by Rajapakse, I may also add from where are the masses going to get an answer for the billions lost at the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the Ceylon Electricity Board to name just two institutions whose resources were raped. Who was responsible? Will they be brought to book? If not is the public entitled to file action against the Minister/s and the officials who held office during the time these losses were incurred?

Governments come and go but the negligence and corruption only gets worse; where is Mr. Clean Ranil? and all those UNF bigwigs including Karu, Rajitha,Ravi etc.etc. who shouted from the roof top when they were in the opposition that they will turn heaven and earth to bring all the PA culprits to book? It looks as if they are now hand in glove with the same thieves; may be discussing how to share the spoils!!

Will the parliament pass a bill entitling all remand prisoners to have luxury treatment like the one being provided to some VIPs at the moment? And also that they be taken by helicopter to appear in courts. Come on Mr. Clean for how long are the public being forced to stomach all these? And you will defend yourself saying this is all Police work and I do not want to interfere!!

Who in the present government said that the first thing they will do is to bring SB to book for all the 'services' he did to the first Olympic medallist after Duncan White (may be the last)? Now that SB is in their ranks, they have to keep mum. The least said about this and so many other matters the better.

Over to you Mr. Clean if ever you have the time to hear us from the desert.



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