The Demands for Extradition

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NEW DELHI. On The Press Conference being an opportunity to bring to justice the LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The demands by the Indian Congress Party to extradite Velupillai Prabhakaran sounds very appropriate if he can be cornered, arrested and cuffed for dispatch to India as highlighted in the Times News Network, a request made to the BJP-Nda Government and indicates India's mood towards the Scenario involving the LTTE and the UNF Government which it has all but dispelled as a wasted effort while prioritising India's need to apprehend him.

The Vajpaye Administration has been beratedby the Congress Party on its negative stand towards demanding justice for Prabhakaran for his involvement in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and allegations of involvement with Kashmiri Militants and the recent Parliament Bombings while Prabhakaran dances merrily in his new found haven of UNF support and adulation across the Palk Straight in his role of self appointed Folk Hero never once digressing from his quest for Eelam which he has openly proclaimed as a cause which cannot be given up just yet and sending out commands and demands to which the UNF seem to be paying homage.

Refering to the eagerly awaited Press Conference which Party spokesman Jaipal Reddy said was an "attempt by Parbhakaran to legitimise his political status in world public opinion and to get out of his organisation being labelled as a terrorist organisation." Mr. Reddy did not mince his words or deviate from the reality of Prabhakaran's Staus Quo in India contrary to the sentiments of the synchopants of the Wickremasinghe Administration who have all but accepted him as a philanthrophist towards the Tamil Community while muffling the local media and all opponents of the LTTE now being granted much too easy access into previously prohibited areas of Sri Lanka.

Quoting Reddy once again "It did not, however, obfuscate the fact that the LTTE was a "terrorist organisation and Prabhakaran the architect of its violent policies," Reddy said. while pointing out that the LTTE is considered a terrorist organisation by various governments and is banned in India, the dynamics being simple enough for the rest of the World yet elusive to and beyond the comprehension of the Sri Lankan Government.

The Congress, he said, was not opposed to any International attempt to bring peace in Sri Lanka, but it could not be ignored that from India's point of view he was the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. The Supreme Court, he pointed out was of the same view which had ominous sounding repercussions for Prabhakaran in disillusioning any idea he may have towards restitution from his eventual apprehension and being brought to justice for crimes against a Sovereign Nation in addition to India's demands.

Lamenting the lack of effort on the Government's part, Reddy said it was more disappointing because "there is an extradition treaty between India and Sri Lanka." which was the strongest pointer towards realities that it would be relatively easy to bring Prabhakaran to justice as there is also an Interpol dragnet closing in on him.

Continuing to quote the Times News Network

Asked why the Congress Government under Narasimha Rao had not made efforts for extradition, the Congress Leader has said the situations then and now were very different. Parbhakaran was beyond reach then, he averred, while now the LTTE supreme was in legal contact with the Sri Lankan Government end quote, which lent a rather innocuous flavour towards the Sri Lankan Government's responsibility towards the MoU which many analysts regard as being invalid and irresponsible to the Sinhala Nation regardless of any principle involved towards integrity which the LTTE have compromised time and time again in the past and would seem poetic justice if the leadership of the LTTE was apprehended by way of the Peace Process.

It was further reported by the Times News Network that "It was hardly surprising that Sri Lankan parties opposed vehemently to the peace process are denouncing the press conference as an LTTE ploy to show the trappings of a Separate State" and have been quoted to be a clear signal of the LTTE's real intentions. They want to create a separatist mentality in the eyes of the local and international community," said Tilwin Silva, general secretary of the Marxist JVP, or People's Liberation Front as the news item bares the duplicity of the LTTE and Prabhakaran while the Indian Government presses on for justice deservedly!.


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