by Prof: Hudson McLean

Whilst in my opinion Mr. R. Chandrasoma tends to generalise, and blacken the entire Christian Sinhala community, I am pleased to note that you do claim not to belong to 'a small but fanatical extremist group trying to create a new excuse for civil unrest', although perpetrating to act like one.

Said that, during my time in Ceylon under British governance, the citizens of Ceylon, whether Sinhala, Burgher or Tamil were treated equally. Perhaps one might say, "treated unfairly, but I might add that was applied equally amongst the general population, bar a few chosen ones".

Furthermore, Colombo was one of the finest Ports of Call in the maritime world. There were fine retail shops such as Cargills, Millers, Cave & Co, Hudsons, too many to mention, where one was free to shop for the finest fare in the world.

The Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim traders alike thrived in bustling Fort and Pettah markets.

With your skill as a scribe, may I suggest that, if I were you, I would concentrate the efforts on the problem in hand, ie the contents and application of the MoU. And deliver practical constructive criticism.

The Sinhala citizens of Sri Lanka, in general, apart from worshipping in a different Temple, have always pledged their allegiance and support to the Nation.

Now Mr. Chandrasoma, with your attitude, are you trying to create another Ireland or Cyprus in Sri Lanka?

You have seen what two slightly different versions of Christianity did for the Irish in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain. And the results of a divided Cyprus, due to two religious beliefs of blood brothers. Apart from the poor victims and their families, many of them innocent bystanders, several of the leaders made a buck or two.

The Palestinian and Israeli conflict is a different ball game. The Americans are doling out nearly a hundred billion dollars in aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and collecting twice as much by selling the weapons of destruction. The wheel does a full cycle.

There is already a distasteful result emerging from the LTTE MoU which might turn out to be totally different outcome than we all expect. What is going on right now in "the LTTE held areas" is totally unacceptable. Buses are being stopped and the passengers are ordered to change the bus, into a Tiger transport. And the law enforcement officers of Sri Lanka must take appropriate action. Furthermore, the government should demand an explanation from the Nordic Monitoring Mission led by Norway.

The Sovereign status of Sri Lanka is at stake!

Whilst the entire global village is trying to bring about a peaceful resolution on the Sinhala-Tamil conflict, the last thing Sri Lanka needs is a Sinhala-Sinhala conflict, created by fanatical small group of equally small minded extremists.

Perhaps, with the Sinhala-Tamil peace in the distant horizon, the gun-runners need an excuse to top up their Swiss bank accounts to fork out the interest.

Another point worth highlighting is, "the Sinhala Buddhist" syndrome. Until the Portuguese dropped anchor off the Ceylon coast, there were no Christians, and the country was predominantly Buddhist, apart from the Veddhas and the Tamils in the North.

Simply because some of the Sinhala changed their belief from Buddhism to Christianity, does not change their right to call themselves Sinhala.

May I humbly ask you, Mr. Chandrasoma, "What were the Sinhala practising just over 2500 years ago?"

Does this mean, when Prince Asoka (an Indian Prince) led Buddhism to Lanka, and the entire population in the Island did not embrace the religion simultaneously, then, did the majority of the Sinhala who did not embrace Buddhism react against those who did?

On another front, as an independent observer and a scribe, I do not take a view which might resemble a dogmatic 'Communistic' propaganda approach. It is the duty of a professional writer to be flexible and objective, and even do a "U-turn" where appropriate and "eat humble pie".

As stated by me once, IF (a big IF) Vellupilai Prabhakaran (VP), should be granted an amnesty and a pardon by the Indian and the Sri Lankan governments for his past sins, and should VP decides to stand as a candidate in a Presidential election and wins democratically, I would not wince twice to address him as "Your Excellency".

Would you, Mr. Chandrasoma?

Your highlighted generalising of the Christian establishment is provocative, discriminating and reeks of hatred towards a law abiding community within the Sinhala populace. It is a desperate act to find some reason to throw stones, at anybody! And start a new bloody conflict.

Whilst I accept your point of view that, my fellow governing Brits did not act in fairness and with compassion towards most of their Colonial subjects, however, it does not mean that persons like you should try to revive spirits of hatred towards your own fellow Sinhala citizens, simply because they opted to follow one of the golden rules of Democracy, "The freedom of expression, right to worship.....".

May I respond to your highlighted points-;

"(1) The Christian ecclesiastical establishment was hand in glove with the Terrorists.

Answer: Broad, unfair global generalising without substance.

(2) The Media were managed to kill every vestige of patriotism in the majority Sinhala-Buddhist constituency.

Answer: Even this is true, the Media failed. True patriotism can never be destroyed. The Sinhala-Buddhist constituency is Alive and Well.

(3) The powerful Business Community had thrown in its lot with the Sinhala-Bashers and that huge forces were now ranged against the struggling vestiges of Sinhala-Buddhist power.

Answer: The most powerful business community consists of Sinhala, Tamil, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and the foreign investors.

This is a ludicrous statement. Once again, fanatical generalising.

(4) That the political leadership was engaged in a despicable game of Cheating and Deceiving - pretending to bring peace while selling the land - or part of it - to a maniacal killer.

Answer: If this is true, the business establishment in cohorts with the political establishment (I presume, you mean PA, UNF, JVP et al) are destroying Buddhism and selling off Sri Lanka.

This is serious. How about putting the Americans, Brits, EU, UN, Russians and the Chinese into the same pot. Oh! Do not forget North Korea and Saddam Hussein.

(5) That public opinion is now so enfeebled that 'Sangeethakarayas' (cheap third - rate musicians hired by Christian ' peace ' brigades) insult openly figures long regarded as national heroes e.g. King Dutugemunu, Anagarika Dharmapala and other members of the Buddhist Revival Movement"

Answer: Keep your ear to the ground. Music might just change. I hear that Elvis Presley is still alive.

Dear Mr. Chandrasoma, You are now trying to revive what the entire civilised establishment is trying to bury, "Hitlerism, Stalinism, Communism, Milosovicism, Idi Aminism".

The citizens of Sri Lanka, I do hope, have had enough of terrorism, bloodshed and sorrow. The country needs compassionate leaders who are able to heal, lead in peace into a better future, for their children and generations to come.

This is an apt point, to ask the famous question, "With friends such as you Mr. Chandasoma, within the Sinhala establishment, who needs enemies?"

Let all those who read this article, whether it be, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Businessmen and Politicians, spend a moment in silent prayer,

For Peace and Goodwill Amongst All Citizens in Sri Lanka!


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