Sacrileginous Comments Of Chandrasekeran And Thondaman Highlighted By Eelam Nation Needs To Be Addressed As They are Seditious and Inflammatory

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Although unclear whether ir is a fabrication on the part of Eelam Nation, the latest statements of UNF Minister Periyasamy Chandrasekeran as reported in Eelam Nation regarding the status of the Plantation Workers and the open threats directed at the Government as to what action would be taken should the Sirimavo-Shasthri Pact be re-initiated are clearly high handed as there have been references to an armed uprising, civil disobedience and a general disruption of the functioning of the Tea Industry as well as the normal order which has prevailed uneasily for the past six months and Mr. Chandrasekeran need to be confronted and meted out the punishmant deserving of treason should his statements be confirmed as being true.

The Eelam Nation has portrayed the Prime Minister as a weakminded leader in cross referencing the 1964 Sirimavi-Shasthri Pact to its present state of neglect which was literally denounced by his uncle the former President Junius Jayawardena during his tenure as there has been a proposition by the UNF Government to re-introduce the Pact and it is reported that Ranil Wickremasinghe has wilted under the threats and ultimatums of Chandrasekeran to think twice about agreeing towards its execution which would almost certainly repatriate Indian Plantation Workers back to their native India.

While Chandrasekeran seems to have overstepped his jurisdiction if the reports are true, it is fast becoming obvious that these are warning signs that the LTTE have set their sights on the Hill Country as an area of contention for their push towards Eelam and Chndrasekeran could be an unwilling pawn in the LTTE's subtle game plan in initiating a course of actions which could have dire ramifications for Sri Lanka and for whatever its worth needs immediate investigation and remedial as well as punitive action taken if necessary.

There are over 150,000 Plantation Workers of Indian origin holding Indian Passports awaiting repatriation to India since the Jayawardena Era whose exit from Sri Lanka was prevented as the Sirimavo- Shasthri pact was curiously revoked by Jayawardena and the transportation facilities between India and Sri Lanka at the time were problematic due to the vast headcount of expatriates who needed to be handled in the prevailing difficult transportational availabilities with an ongoing war and the land route between the two countries effectively blocked off!

Cabinet Minister Periyasamy Chandrasekeran has allegedly threatened an armed insurrection but did not say whether they were already armed or planning to get armed. The President of the Ceylon Worker’s Congress , Arumugam Thondaman another cabinet minister of the United Front government also vehemently protested against the pending repatriation of the Indian passport holders.

The threats, protests and ultimatums delivered to the Interrior Minister John Ameratunga as reported in Eelam Nation have been initiated by the combined efforts of Chandrasekeran, Thondaman Arumugam (also known for his unsavoury manouverings in the name of Labour and partialities towards LTTE doctrine) of the Workers Congress and the LTTE who apparently have extracted a negative response from the Interior Minister who denied knowledge of any action to repatriate Indian labour back to India.

In the best interests of Sri Lanka it would indeed be favourable to transport these Indian Passport holders under the signed accord constituting the Sirinavo-Shasthri Pact of 1964 once Ferry Services resumed between the two countries scheduled for later this year as not only would it be legally valid but also a means to alleviate the economic conditions governing the apathetic existence of indigenous plantation laboureres who would gladly take up the deficit created by a vast exodus of departing Indian labour and a much needed break.

Although expressed by many experts (with obvious conflicts of interests ) it is a myth to believe that the quality of Tea Production one of the mainstays of the Nation's economy could be seriously affected by such a move as the vacancies which would come about through repatriation could be very ably filled by very capable Sri Lankan Workers and through concerted training efforts if necessary the level of quality and production could easily be augmented to its original level in the event that there is a temporary decline. The consideration has to be given to the indigenous workers as a moral obligation to them as it would also fortify the security of the Region as well as a implementing a job creation program for local labour.

The apparent gathering of momentum in the Plantation Areas once envisioned by the LTTE as being favourable to their cause in collaboration with the pro LTTE- trade unions has to be viewed as a security threat to Sri Lanka and regardless of the policies of the Chandrasekerans, Thondamans and Prabhakarans which need to be effectively crushed and the strength of the Sinhala Nation asserted in these areas which if left unguarded would surely be exploited by the dastardly intentions of the Eelamist in collaboration with the Indian labour who have proved their mettle through unreliable and often pre-meditated savagery in the short lived uprisings of the not too distant past where even undiscerning motorists were set upon.

Confirmation that Arumugam Thondaman and Periyasamy Chandrasekeran have met terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and reached agreements of co-operation with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam last April with the blessings of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the Issue of the Plantation Workers is a point to ponder upon as there have been many questions raised about the Government's attitude towards the LTTE and here then is clear evidence as reported in Eelam Nation that there is reason to doubt the credibilities of Ranil Wickremasinghe and as of late the Defence Minister Marapone whose continued promise that "A Full Statement Will Follow" on the contentious issues concerning their empathy towards LTTE (these promises also affecting other areas are presently backlogged ! ) is becoming rather ridiculously monotonous and that the LTTE and their lackeys who by right should be officially incarcerated are still at large thanks to the UNF Government.

Furthermore their supportives such as Periyasamy Chandrasekeran and Thondaman Arumugam appear to be getting away with sacrileginous threats which are seditious as well as inflammatory against a Democratically Elected Government which carry a maximum sentence if proven so what does the Government intend to do about it?



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