Health Camp - Saturday 3rd August 2002 - Kantale.

The above camp was successfully conducted by "Singithi Sarana".

The camp commenced around 10.00 a.m., and concluded around 5.00 p.m.. The religious observances at commencement, was conducted by Ven. Kitulgolle Jinananda Nayake thero, chief incumbent of the Agrabodhi Pirivena/Temple.

Although we expected about 500-600 patients, the number of patients treated exceeded 1000.(We stopped issuing numbers after 700 odd.) 21 patients arrived around 2.00pm after having walked 12miles. The Police arranged transport for them to return after treatment.

Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances the eye surgeon couldn't participate at the last moment. However the patients about 300 seeking treatment for eye ailments were registered. Two eye surgeons - Dr.Mrs S. Goonasinghe and Dr. Nalin Goonasinghe are hoping to conduct an eye camp towards the end of this month in Kantale. In the event they do, all those patients who have registered with us will be referred to them. Further we are hoping to make arrangements to take the patients who have to undergo operations to Kandy and back. The Singithi Sarana would have to bear the expenditure for the spectacle frames and lenses too.

The patients with ailments which could not be treated(Kidney, disfigurement, thyroid, infertility, etc) were directed to Kandy General Hospital/Peradeniya teaching hospital and will be monitored by Jayagrahanaya - "Kandy".

Finally all this would not have been possible without the invaluable support extended by the following organisations and individuals. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them.

(1) Jayagrahanaya - Kandy, Mr.W.D.J. Kulathunga and his staff, All the doctors and Dental Surgeons who participated and the Pharmacists too.(12 Dental Surgeons, 5 Medical Doctors and 3 Pharmacists)

(2) Mr. Reggie Abeyweera of J.L. Morison Son & Jones(Ceylon) Ltd. and Mr. Kosala Dissanayake of Glaxo-SmithKline, Mr. Nimal Dias Jayasinghe of Emerchemm, for donations of drugs.

(3) The S.S.P. Kantale, Mr. B.A.B. Auyupala and his team of excellent Police Officers who provided accommodation and food for S.S. Members and the Doctors, and made all the arrangements on the day the camp and before.

(4)D.M.O. Kantale, Dr. Rohitha Silva and the Provincial Health Secretary of Trincomalee for the co-operation and providing the Dental Mobile Unit.

(5) Mr. Thumbullegama and the Young volunteers of Kantlae for their assistance in the arrangements and lending a helping hand at clearing up at the end of the day.

(6) Dr. Mrs. Kamala Ediriweera who accompanied the S.S. Members the previous day for her invaluable advise and her services at the camp.

(7)"Malpiyali" Book shop for the gift of books for the 'OL' Students and story books for little children. In addition to this Mr. Dayananda Haputhanthri and Mr. Pandula Edagama gifted educational and children's books for the intended S. S. Library.

(8) Mrs. Achala Nanayakkara for 100 'safe bottle lamps'.

(9) Children of Lanka- England(U.K.), Veera Parakrama Bahu Foundation(NS/Australia), Mrs. Anula. Wijesekera, Mr. G. Jayawardena, Mrs. I. Herat Gunaratne, Mr. M. Ariyadasa, and Vynil Walgampola of Vynil Gems for Financial assistance.

(10) Ms. Asha Perera of Visakha Vidyalaya-OGA, for arranging dry rations at very short notice.

(11) Mr. Victor Hettigoda of Siddhalepa for donation of 41 doz. (2.5grm.) siddhalepa.

(12)Ms. Chandra Bhrathi, Mrs Anula Wijeyesekra, Mr. Saman Ranasinghe, Mr. Wedage, Dr. Kamala Ediriweera, E.W. Addirkaram Daham Pasela for donating cloths.

Kumudika Herat Gunaratne



Working committee of SS for the above project- Pandula Edagama, Kumudika Herat Gunaratne Shiranthinine Batuvanthudave, Priyantha Dayaratne & Saman Perera




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