Can The Administration Hold Out Much Longer With Impunity As The Priorities Demanding Attention Now Appear To Be Two Pronged?

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As the events unfolding within the Sri Lankan capital Colombo are turning out to be incomprehensible and to a degreee mind boggling the main priorities facing the Nation appear to be ' Two Pronged', one towards containing the LTTE and now the Mad Careening of the Wickremasinghe Leadership which also needs to be contained as the threat they collectively pose to the Sinhala Nation is fast becoming alarmingly great.

That they are unsure of their posturing and rhetoric becomes crystal clear by their modus operandi which commenced with contradictions to the High Buddhist Clergy, a recent threat issued to the Media about publicly broadcasting Opposition moves and any publicity denouncing the Peace Process and by orchestrating a non spontaneous Rally in as far as crowd turnout is concerned having had to import Plantation Workers in pretense of a vast group of individuals who probably did not recognize their noses from their toes when it came to the objective of their presence having been transported into the city in convoys of buses and trucks. A santhosam is also supposed to have been paid to each participant although unconfirmed! but in all likelihood a distinct possibility knowing the wiley Wickremasinghe and his reputation for craftiness and cunning which however is unlikely to be as fruitful as he expects it to be! as it is more than likely to bring about his undoing.

As a feather in the cap of all Opposition to Wickremasinghe's misguided carriage of confusion rather than justice! the British Broadcasting Corporation has described the Rally as being, quote an "Orchestrated One With State Run Bus Companies Transporting Plantation Workers Into The City, while Pro Government Unions mandated members to attend" unquote which appears to have been met with derision by the Prime Minister who has responded with references to "Racist Politics" and "Traitorous Acts Against the People". Something which he seems to be indulging in, rather than any other known entity and a foot in mouth "Faux Pas" which sounds self embarrassing to say the least! BBC responses are being eagerly anticipated although there may be none in hindsight.

Now comes the 'Piece de Resistance' in the form of the LTTE who simultaneously are reported to have conducted their own 'Rally Of Sorts' where plans were announced for further development of an Independant Judiciary Free Of The Government Of Sri Lanka so Mr Wickremasinghe's contingency plans towards embracing the LTTE already seem to be taking on dangerous intonations of backfiring in a manner very detrimental to the Nation and targetting him to be the Chief (no pun intended) Obstacle which needs to be dislodged in the best interests of the Sinhala Nation beyond a doubt! The news pertaining to the Independant Judiciary has been confirmed in no uncertain terms with alarmingly accurate statistic and much to the chagrin of the Administration by a certain 'Eliyathamby Pararajasekeram aka Para' self designated as the man in charge of a Tamil Eelam Judiciary!

So let the members of the real public ( not imported Plantation workers and paid UNP goondas off the streets and so called union supportives) judge for themselves the frightening reality of what is an obvious betrayal of the Nation which has nothing to do with Racist Slurs and traitorous acts against the people which the Prime Minister has the affront to cite and realistically speaking a description of his own present strategy and design and an apt one to outline the direction he seems to be taking with total disregard towards the well being of the Sinhala Nation!

It is rather strange and for reasons unknown, why the LTTE have chosen the Eelam Judiciary Appreciation Day to coincide with the Governmental Rally almost in defiance and mockery of the Existing Legitimate Statutes of the Nation and a point for the Prime Minister to ponder upon as the defiance with which the intensity appears to be gathering on the part of the LTTE, a criminally proscribed group of terrorists, with rank disregard for the normal order within a Sovereign Democratic Republic which is being subjected to severe testing.

In this context how much longer can the Wickremasinghe Administration hold out within reason and with impunity ere disaster strikes ?






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