Dana Bala Meheyuma (Money Power Excursion) and Theft of Coffins are new economic boons.


The LTTE sponsored Ranil Wickremasinghe government, established with LTTE finance, and being governed under the express directive and guidance of LTTE hierarchy with utter disrespect to Buddhist prelates and to the inclinations of the majority community debanned the terrorist organisation in fulfilling another pre-election pledge given to the terrorist organisation. This perfidious action was clearly evident even before this treacherous government came into being, despite several promises to the contrary made to the Maha Nayake Theros by its Buddha Sasana Minister (By his diabolical lies he has disqualified himself to hold this noble Ministership). Ranil Wickremasinghe expressly implied his intention to deban the terrorist outfit by allowing his Jaffna MP Maheswaran to sign the petition against British Ban, and UNP braggarts to openly criticise the British ban.

The people in the south are prosecuted, and imprisoned for even minor crimes such as thefts which seem to be in the rise due to abject poverty in consequent to the steep increase in the cost of living. Hitherto unheard thefts such theft of coffins is the new economic boon bestowed to the people of the South by the Ranil-LTTE government while all State resources are diverted to fatten Prabhakaran's treasury. The greatest irony is that if a man in the South was found stealing a mere five rupees to quench his thirst to drink a tea will be jailed or fined while the murderers who planned, ordered and killed a President of this country, nearly assasinated another President, killed a foreign Prime Minister, killed several hundred Buddhist monks, other religious dignitaries, killed and maimed thousands of innocent civilians damaged and destroyed billions worth of State property are allowed to live luxuriously with complete impunity.

The reckless action of lifting the ban has opened the gateway for the terrorists to establish their sinister plan to get it deproscribed in other countries. Thamilchelvan has already initiated contacts with the relevant foreign governments. In order to help them further in this objective, Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has personally taken the contract of whitewashing the LTTE. His recent threatening calls to newspaper Editors to stop publishing any material against the terrorists and the so-called peace fracas was the first step in this programme. The Dana Bala Meheyuma (Money Power Excursion) held in Colombo on Monday with more than two third of the crowd brought in from the Estates in 5000 State buses with a bonus package of two days wages and Rs. 2000/= extra was the second step.

Can Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe or anyone in his government tell the people of this country who has a right to know, what they have got in return from the terrorists?

Have they claimed that they have given up their goal of Eelam?
Have they denounced terrorism?
Have they laid down even a single pistol from their armoury?
Have they dismantled their Police Force?
Have they abolished their Judicial System and Courts?
Have they dismembered their armed forces?
Have they closed their training camps?
Have they stopped abducting children for training?
Have they shut down their Education and other Administrative Departments?
Have they stopped taxing and extorting? Etc., etc., etc.

It is shame that Government Departments and Corporations which exhibited in the recent exhibition held in Trincomalee to coincide with the UNP anniversary had to pay taxes to this terrorist outfit and forced to allow them conduct their propaganda work and video shows at the exhibition premises, that too at government expenses.





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