The Developing Situation in the Nothern and Eastern Provinces

The Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya proposes to carry out the following activities in a bid to raise the awareness of the Sinhala people on the dire effects of the current peace process. We intend exposing the activities of the LTTE and their consequences and impact on our heritage and rights:

1. The publication of a 12 page booklet titled "The Predicament of the Sinhala People in the North and East". This booklet will be printed in both Sinhala and English languages and distributed free of change to our people living in the affected areas and all concerned persons in the country. (Approximate cost of a booklet would be around Rs. 30/- and the number of copies printed would depend on the donations received).

2. A news paper advertisement to awaken the uninformed and misinformed and misled Sinhala public to their rights and heritage. This will be done by way of 10 half page advertisements on a weekly basis in the Sinhala news papers. (A single half page insertion would cost around Rs. 90,000/-).

3. Organise a TV discussion the above mentioned topics. (A half hour programme would cost around Rs. 50,000/-).

Donations and contributions, which are urgently required, to defray the cost of the above activities are greatly appreciated. Cheques (Account Payee only) may be addressed to the Sinhala Jathika Sangamaya.

Douglas Premaratne                                            P.C. S.L. Gunasekera
Hon. Treasurer                                                    Hon. President





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