LTTE ACTIVITIES Exposed in Canada recently

Is This Not Food For Thought For A Nation Whose Security is Being Compromised?

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Here's one for the Ranil Wickremasinghe Administration , Prof.G.L.Peiris and the rest of the bucket carrying sychophants of the UNF who downplay the LTTE's real intentions and objectives at every turn while endeavouring to bend down low enough to lick their boots, shake hands afterwards and pass the champagne that a 'historic' Peace Accord is making great headway after the second round of talks in Thailand! and lets hope they put their monies where their mouths are before trying to find excuses to shrug off this amazing report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada. This is an excerpt of a newsitem in the National Post of Canada by its foreign affairs correspondent Mr. Stuart Bell whose source of information is none other than the R.C.M.P. who has released this information which was once classified but has nonetheless waived off the status in order to make the report.Based upon the shocking revelations contained in it, it' about someone in authority paid some real attention to what may turn out to be a dire threat to the Nation's Security all over again and the peace being discussed may just as well be interpreted as pieces!

Somehow there seems to be a nonchalant attitude by both the LTTE as well as the Government of Sri Lanka even in the face of reports as alarming as this in the manner they justify what appears now to be a symbiotic means for their co- existences and perhaps it is about time the Government shed its mantle of subterfuge over the Nation and came up with an explanation as to why appropriate action and a swift response has not been taken to counter the goings on in Canada which in all probability is taking place in other parts of the world as well despite the wool pulling and eyewash going on! bearing in mind the many security reports of prolific LTTE activity taking place in the North and North East of Sri Lanka under the watchful eye of the Security Forces who it is reported have orders from the top to refrain from direct action as it may ururp the ongoing Peace Negotiations.

Is this not food for thought for a Nation whose Security is still in danger of being compromised despite the charade of a Peace Process

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Tamil Tiger fronts raise war funds, RCMP report says.-Full Story-(National Post - 10/11/02)

Stuart Bell Writing for the National Post of Canada

A secret RCMP intelligence report shows police are concerned about a network of "front organizations" across Canada that allegedly funnel vast amounts of money to the Tamil Tigers terrorist group in Sri Lanka.

The report, entitled "The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and its Front Organizations in Canada," names the Toronto group FACT as having been "for the last eight years, unreservedly singled out" by the United States as a terrorist front. The Oct. 2 report appears to have been prepared in anticipation that the Tigers might soon be banned under Canada's new counter-terrorism law, C-36. The Canadian government has already frozen the LTTE's finances.

"The LTTE is carrying out one of the most sophisticated and deadly insurgencies in the world," says the report by the RCMP Criminal Intelligence Directorate. Although classified secret, it was released to the National Post.

"The international fundraising campaign of the LTTE is generated from diaspora contributions, funds siphoned off donations given to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charities; people smuggling, and revenue from international trade, enterprise and investments and other criminal activity."

The report shows that, despite a ceasefire between the Tigers and the Sri Lankan government that has held for eight months with only minor violations, the RCMP remains concerned about the LTTE's Canadian operation.

Three previous peace efforts have fallen apart and the Tigers have emerged each time with a "more ferocious" campaign of violence, it warns. A Sri Lankan court recently sentenced the LTTE leader to 200 years imprisonment for terrorism.

Canadian officials involved in tracking terror financing say that, while the focus of investigators has been Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, the Tigers have a much larger cross-Canada money-making empire.

The Liberal Cabinet is expected to expand its list of banned terror groups later this month. The Opposition has demanded in the House of Commons that the government add the LTTE to the list, along with several dozen other well-known terrorist groups such as Hezbollah that have active underground networks that threaten Canadian security.

"The LTTE has been declared a terrorist organization by the United States and Great Britain. Other countries such as India, the Philippines and Malaysia have banned the LTTE," the report adds.

The Tamil Tigers and their supporters, mainly in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, have for years used crime, non-profit groups and fundraising rallies to raise money to finance the purchase of weapons and ammunition.

Police, intelligence, immigration and justice officials have identified the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) and World Tamil Movement (WTM) as the main Tamil Tiger fronts in Canada. Toronto Police have arrested several men over the past two months they claim are affiliated with the WTM. The arrests, for threatening and assault, were in relation to what police described as a dispute over control of a Hindu temple.

An officer at the Toronto Police 41 Division in Scarborough, Ont., confirmed the victims have alleged the arrested men were affiliated with the WTM.

"What the WTM is trying to do is they want to take over the control of the temple," said a former temple official who claims he was threatened for opposing the move. "They said the LTTE leadership in Sri Lanka has asked them to take over temples here."

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says Canada is one of the LTTE's major sources of money. The group raises more than $2-million a year here through criminal activities and a handful of front organizations such as the WTM, CSIS says.





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