Supreme Court Of Canada Stymied By Terrorist's Representation.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya ( Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa) Reporting for LankaWeb

Mr.Manickawasagam Suresh classified as an LTTE terrorist representative seeking a safe haven in Canada from his tainted past involving terrorist activities has been granted a reprieve and his case submitted for further examination by the Federal Government which means that at least for now he will not be deported to Sri Lanka as requested by the prosecution and effectively stymied by Suresh's Counsel Barbara Jackman pleading his case based on the UN Charter Of Rights.

The other terrorist Mansour Ahani has been ordered deported to his native Iran without much fanfare as the Supreme Court Of Canada has ruled that his case was straightforward and uncomplicated as opposed to Suresh's who the Defence argued was likely to face torture and death should he be returned to Sri Lanka, an obvious double standard which Canada is noted for in decisions pertaining to LTTE matters where soft pedalling on the issue of the rights of the individual regardless of his notoriety takes pride of place over justice and is a well known propensity according to many observers particularly in the USA, in the now rather glaring exposure of some of the terrorists responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks and their Canadian links .

The basis for Canada's decision supportive of the United Nations and its Charter has been prognostic in as far as the pattern of the proceedings and the direction taken by the Supreme Court Of Canada are concerned but it has laid open the speculation that should the decision to prevent the deportation of Suresh become final, Canada could become an asylum for terrorists and a huge embarrassment to the Federal Government and a compromising of the standards set by the International Alliance Against Terrorism of which Canada is a member.

Logically the decision exposes a degree of naivete or indifference as the case may be by the awareness of the Canadian Authorities with close links to Sri Lanka about its Current Affairs and its Staus Quo now represented by an LTTE Friendly Administration where the chances of torture and death facing any terrorist deported back to Sri Lanka to face inevitable charges for attrocities commited are extremely unlikely or non existent.

The Government of Canada has stated that the case needs further examining and if necessary, the implementation of adjustments to the legal system and existing statutes to incorporate the need to rid the nation of Terrorism based on the threat to National Security but as long as the predilective mentalities of the many Barbara Jacksons around the World continue to block due process through legal manouvering, there will be free movement of terrorists among the free societies of the Western World which provide safe haven for them in the name of their rights and jurisdictions which overlook the crimes and attrocities commited by these individuals and the rights of the victims which are ignominiously shelved or ignored.

In reality there is little need for speculation that all terrorists need to be brought to justice for involvement in crimes against humanity with no exception and if there is a policy relative to terrorism set in place by the Justice System of any country which has deportation and extradition treaties with countries affected by the horrors of terrorism as the case is between Canada and Sri Lanka, it should be implements regardless of conjecture, pro-terrorist sympathies and a willingness to provide asylum for the terrorists and their aides which would unquestionably bring disrepute to the country which harbours terrorists.


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