The whole world Vs Sri-Lanka in the fight against terrorism.

By T.Perera

Name one country in the whole world which is not fighting terrorism and instead Negotiating with terrorists right now? You guessed it, "SRI-LANKA".

Name one government in the world who had forgotten the past atrocities and crimes perpetrated by terrorists to its own people and furthermore, instead of trying to bring the terrorists to justice, they are being given recognition and freedom so that they can get what they wanted Scott free with complete disregard to all other democratically elected organizations and people?

You guessed it again, "The Present UNP government of SRI-LANKA". It appears that the current leadership of SRI-LANKA has forgotten

Who bombed and damaged the Dalada Maligawa?
Who bombed and damaged the Main Bank?
Who bombed and damaged the Air port?
Who bombed and killed Prime Ministers of India and Sri-Lanka?
Who massacred & butchered innocent villages and poor families up north, in places like Aranthalawa, and Kitulthuduwa, etc?
To name but a few of the terrorist atrocities.

The previous UNP regimes screwed up the LTTE problem in the first place by completely ignoring the situation pre and post 1983 by not taking proper steps early and decisively. And now it appears that the present UNP leadership is trying to sell the country wholesale to an illegal banned organization, leading to a SRI-LANKA that would suffer indefinitely, these are again not the proper steps.

The LTTE is trying the same old tactics of deceit and attack, to get what they vowed by hook or by crook, and who ever thinks they can be tamed is naive, and I think that most of the present leadership of Sri-Lanka appears to be very naive to the point of betraying the one and only Sinhala Nation.

And remember the Norwegians are their buddies, do you ever think suddenly out of the blues that Norway is coming to help out Sri-Lanka?

The LTTE knows that the present international climate is not good for their operations and all their funding is being squeezed out, so they are now trying to be Cool and show to the world that they are respectable. The tiger was being cornered, but it appears that the present government of Sri-Lanka is trying to bail them out.

The sad part is that the present UNP leadership appears to be falling for this LTTE deceit.

It is very clear to anyone including the LTTE that India will always want the LTTE leader arrested and brought to trial in India. The only way the LTTE leader can survive is by deceiving the Sri-Lankan government and getting a political roll solely controlled by him so that he may be safe from extradition to India. Sadly the Sri-Lankan leadership appears not to understand this fact, unlike Sri-Lanka, India will not give the LTTE legitimacy now or ever as a criminal is wanted for murder of the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandi. This fact might also create a constant friction in relations between India and Sri-Lanka.

The whole World is waging war against terrorists. Right now, Sri-Lankan government is appeasing and negotiating with terrorists.

The whole World has outlawed terrorist organizations and frozen their financial assets. Sri-Lanka appears to be now supporting an outlawed organization, so giving the right for Them to carry illegal arms and weapons.

Sri-Lanka has given support to the coalition against world terrorism. Sri-Lanka government today is supporting a terrorist group at home.

Every where in the World, Security is being tightened to check terrorism. Sri_Lanka is relaxing the security of the nation allowing the terrorists to roam freely.

All terrorist leaders and their supporters are in the WANTED DEAD or ALIVE List in the world. Sri-Lankan government is trying to de-proscribe the terrorist organization from the list.

The world is setting up memorials and remembrance for the people who were killed by terrorism. Sri-Lanaka has forgotten all the Sri-Lankans who died from terrorism.

The world is giving medals to the troops who died in the fight against terrorists. Sri-Lanka it appears has forgotten those brave troops who died fighting terrorism.

All nations have anti terrorist laws to arrest any who collaborate and supports terrorism. Sri-Lanka appears to have no such laws? As the present government of Sri-Lanka appears to be on the way to breaking those laws.

The world would be watching those nations who harbor terrorists. The Sri-Lankan government is trying to harbor a terrorist organization.

Those who are being bought and under the pay-roll of a terrorist organization will be treated as traitors by any nation. Some of the Sri-Lankan leaders appear to be bought by a terrorist group.

The task of any nations foreign missions is to lobby to the world for the integrity and unity of the nation and get support in the fight against enemies of the nation It appears that the present Sri-Lankan government is undermining this.

The slogan in the USA against terrorism is: "UNITED WE STAND"

The slogan in SRI-LANKA appears to be: "DIS-UNITED WE FALL"

Years of hard work by all peace loving Sri-Lankans living in Sri-Lanka and all over the world to proscribe the terrorist organization is now being thrown out of the window by the present Sri-Lankan leaders. Well, on the other hand there is another perfectly simple explanation For the above discrepancies of the present Sri-Lankan government actions. Either they have been Bought by the terrorists or that they are damn scared of them.

Sri-Lankawata Devi Pihitai.


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