Prof. Hudson McLean

First the Oil Tanks Farm, next the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), then the Indian Naval exercises with a servicing base off Trincomalee. Joint Security exercises should be a permanent feature. This is an absolute right of a Sovereign State to exercise cooperation with a friendly neighbour.

This is progress. A positive start in the direction of peace. These steps had nothing to do with the Norwegian initiative, although the Vikings are ever ready to cash in on the bold Indo-Sri Lankan cooperation. Parasites have no principles.

If the SLG wishes to continue along this path of cooperation, it is imperative that the Indian government is allowed a degree of flexibility on the question of Tamil tea plantation workers of Indian origin. The SLG should not be in any hurry to deal with this question, since the SLG needs these labour to maintain one of the revenue generators for the beleaguered economy. At this moment there is no alternative or replacement of the Indian Tamils within the Sinhala labour force.

Furthermore, these Indian workers have lived in Sri lanka for several generations and they have a legal right to claim citizenship in Sri Lanka. Said that, this delicate question may be resolved amicably between an Indo-Sri Lankan accord in due course.

Did the Norwegians address at any time, the problems of the Muslim minority and the Sinhala who lost their properties due to atrocities committed by the LTTE? The simple answer is NO!

Erik Solheim and his cronies were totally immersed in Dosai and the tasty little spicy doughnuts and simply forgot the plight of the other innocent Sri Lankan citizens such as the members of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC).

As for the strategy of RanilW, our researchers are carefully watching and analysing the tactical moves such as, ignoring certain violations by an illegal force, led by an internationally Wanted Terrorist against a Sovereign State . The fact that the LTTE has commemorated the activity of the suicide bombers has generated even a stronger negative image within the Tamil Diaspora as well as with the international community. Commemorate Murder and Slaughter? Only savages would think like that!

Did the Norwegians have any comment? Once again, NO!

Once again, as an ally of the Tamil Terrorism, the fact that the Norwegians did not react in a civilised way to denounce murder, is an acceptance of Terrorism, by default.

One should commend Hon. S.L. Gunesekera for his courage to publish a statement on the legality of RanilW entertaining dialogue with an intent to entering into agreement with an internationally Wanted criminal, a leader of an internationally proscribed Terrorist organization. We have studied the legality of this claim together with several distinguished barristers in London and there was an unanimous agreement with Mr. Gunesekera’s legal opinion.

I suppose, the Norwegians had no comment on this matter either.

As any independent observer might note, the Norwegians are totally biased in favour of the Tamil LTTE, irrespective of the LTTE illegal stance in every sense..

On balance, the Norwegians really have no grounds to jump with glee.

The sad, unfortunate events of September 11th, 2001 got the ball rolling to kick the butts of the LTTE thugs to make a move. This was not Norwegian doing. Then the American attacks against OBL and the change of government in Afghanistan stirred the hornets nest in Kashmir.

These events led to the friction between the Indians and Pakistanis. Such activity pushed the Indians to ensure a secure Southern flank. In order to be politically correct, without trying to shoot their way into Wanniya, the clever Aryans in Delhi decided to enter the NE of Sri Lanka with legitimacy, using commercial means as suggested in several articles in LankaWeb by Uncle Mac.

And a short note on the Peace Talks in Thailand - They may be postponed indefinitely!

Therefore, first the Norwegians should wait until the ‘peace chickens’ are hatched, (incubation Courtesy of Indian Ministry of Defence) and let the Sinhala do the counting and let the Sinhala electorate decide who should be commended for the initiative.


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