Attack on the STF camp.


The LTTE leader Prabhakaran has reportedly emphasised that his organisation entered the so-called peace talks because it helped them to achieve what they could not achieve by the 19 years of aggression. Since he started delivering his annual statements, in almost all his proclamations he outlined the two nation theory and stressed that Sri Lankan army (Sinhala forces as per his terminology) stationed in the North and East provinces is a foreign force, forcibly occupying their national homeland territory and it would certainly be evicted and the homeland territory would be liberated from the presence of these forces. As he has never expressed any dilution to his Eelam objective, his goal of evicting the Sinhala army from their national territory has remained without any tapering.

A series of incidents occurred in the North and East following the Norwegian authored MOU forced on the Sri Lankan government on February 22nd, have threatened the very existence of the Sri Lankan forces that courageously and defiantly defended the unitary status of this nation, under enormous grueling conditions. It started with the agitation launched by the LTTE proxies TNA and then school children under the remote control of the LTTE for the removal of security check points and army camps from the North and Eastern Provinces. At the same time the LTTE threatened the government that it will not attend the UNCONDITIONAL TALKS in Thailand if the camps and checkpoints were not removed. The government which is pursuing a policy of "Talks and any cost and under any humiliation" removed all camps except those in the areas described as High Security Zones.

Then the second stage of this programme was launched by using the students of the Hartley College aimed at the removal of the High Security Zone check point at Point Pedro. Mr. Sri Pathy, the Principal of the Hartley College who crticised the use of his College students for this sinister objective was abducted by the LTTE goondas, assaulted severely and left in a cemetry. The government maintained abject silence. Thereafter again a mob of LTTE herded school children entered the Valaichchenai police station and destroyed their cafeteria, bunkers and fences. This followed the third attack on Vavuniya Police Station last Tuesday. Analogous to these agitation terrorist Balasingham, inappropriately crowned as His Excellency by the so-called impartial mediator Norway, scored a major success by compelling the perfidious Sri Lankan delegation at the Thailand talks to agree to set up a Joint Committee for removal of the high security zones. Amidst these activities UNP's own Minister Mr. Mahesvaran, backed by Jaffna District MPs demanded for the immediate withdrawal of forces from the Jaffna peninsula.

These activities obviously indicate that LTTE has launched a multifaceted drive to achieve Prabhakaran's objective of cleansing North and East provinces, the so-called Thamil Eelam from the foreign occupational forces. The Kanchanapura STF camp incident occurred last Wednesday is another step of this sinister drive. A careful study of reports emanated from the LTTE sources such as Tamilnet, Uthayan, Eelamweb, etc, let alone other sources indicate that it was a stage-managed incident that went beyond control compelling the STF to save their dignity. Presence of a recently released LTTE cadre in LTTE uniform among the dead expose the architect of this provocation and invasion of the STF camp. As per which publishes in Tamil a daily synopsis of events in the North and East under the slogan "Thirst of the Tigers is the Tamil Eelam Motherland" severely criticising the STF as a brutal bloodthirsty Sinhala force claims that there were 4 school children among the dead. The claim of STF's high-handedness is disproved by the fact that it had not taken any repressive action against an LTTE camp forcibly set up recently just 800 metres away from the STF camp violating the so-called Ceasefire Agreement. This itself shows the pathetic condition and the duress under which the gallant forces of this nation are being subjected to by the so-called peace façade, which has failed to disarm, halt combat training, prevent smuggling-in of arms shipments, and strengthening of LTTE forces.





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